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Back in the Troubleshooting control panel, you will see a list of built-in troubleshooter categories, including Programs, Hardware and Sound, Network and Internet, Appearance and Personalization, and System and Security. Windows Troubleshooting can t solve every problem you could encounter, but it does try to hit the high points. To see how a typical troubleshooter works, you can try out the Programs troubleshooter. Troubleshooting offers two links around Programs. The first, for the Programs heading itself, will display a Troubleshoot problems Programs window when clicked, as shown in Figure 25-4. This interface provides links to all of the troubleshooters in the Programs category.
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This option is handy, for example, when you roll out of town with a laptop that s normally part of your home network and need to access a dialup account in some backwater hotel that doesn t have high-speed Internet access. n Set up a wireless router or access point: This option lets you configure a compatible router or access point right from Windows Vista. It also helps you set up wireless networking in your home. You should only need to run this option if Windows Vista doesn t automatically detect your network. n Set up a dialup connection: Use this option to create a dialup Internet connection. n Connect to a workplace: Sometimes, you may have to join a private network from home. Telecommuters and other work-from-home types often need their PCs to become part of a network via the Internet through something called virtual private networking (VPN). VPN is basically a LAN-type network that can take place over the Internet, and only people with access credentials can join the network. When you click the Connect to a workplace option, a window appears like that shown in Figure 12.15. You can connect to a VPN through the Internet or dial in to it. You ll have to get the login credentials from the network administrator of the VPN you want to join.
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FIGURE B.93 The Line Style options page
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In some situations, such as when you re using a modem connection, you ll want to con gure dialing properties such as redial attempts, redial interval, idle time before disconnect, and so on. To con gure dialing properties, open the RRAS console, open the Network Interfaces branch, right-click the demand-dial interface, and choose Properties. Use the controls on the General and Options property pages to con gure the dialing properties. The options are self-explanatory.
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Phishing can also be annoying. For example, you might click an advertisement for multivitamins and instead be directed to a site about male enhancement drugs. This can also be risky if you become a victim of phishing while at work. (Obviously, no one wants to lose their job because their browser inadvertently visits a pornographic site when they re actually trying to research a work-related topic on the Internet.) This is also something parents should be aware of if they have children who use the computer to surf the Web. To help prevent someone from stealing your identity or sending your browser to an unwanted Web site, activate the IE7 built-in Phishing filter. However, keep in mind that this security feature is not foolproof because you are still free to ignore the warnings and proceed forward (perhaps to your detriment). The first time you access a new Web site in IE7, the Microsoft Phishing Filter dialog box (see Figure 3-6) automatically appears onscreen. The Microsoft Phishing Filter dialog box offers the following three options: Turn On Automatic Phishing Filter (Recommended): Clearly, Microsoft strongly recommends activating the Phishing filter during your very first browsing session.
When you first select an edge for the variable radius fillet, the endpoints are identified by callout flags with the value unassigned. A preview does not display until at least one of the points has a radius value in the box. You can also apply radius values in the PropertyManager, but they are easier to keep track of using the callouts. Figure 7.38 shows a variable radius fillet after the edge selection, after one value has been applied, and after three values have been applied. To apply a radius value that is not at the endpoint of an edge, you can select one of the three colored dots along the selected edge. The preview should show you how the fillet will look in wireframe display.
The Upgrade Advisor scans your entire system, examining your processor, system memory, graphics adapter, printers, and all other peripherals such as Web cams, TV capture devices, network adapters, sound cards, and so on to determine whether each device meets Vista standards and, if so, which edition of Vista will run best on your machine. If any part of your system does not meet the minimum standards, the Advisor tells you which devices are deficient and what you can do to remedy the deficiencies. The remedy might be as simple as replacing a driver with a newer Vista-tailored one or as complex (and potentially costly) as replacing your computer or various parts of your system including a graphics card, a sound card, or even your network adapter. The Advisor might also tell you that some of your installed software will not run properly after you install Vista. To remedy these situations, you might need to acquire upgraded software from the vendor or choose different software from another vendor. To use Microsoft s Advisor evaluation tool
Sharing and Securing Files and Folders
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If you added an inspect method to Lineitem earlier as I recommended, you should also update that to include the invoice ID:
If you are just installing your router or are reconfiguring it, think of updating the firmware, which are drivers for your router. The manufacturer s Web site will have information on how to upgrade to the latest code.
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