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Creating Library Features
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By right-clicking on the column headings you can add and remove columns to help fit the message header information you re most interested in seeing in the display line.
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Exploring the Users and Computers management tools
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Fig. 12.14 line. The centroid of the whole will lie on this line. Then we could slice the shape parallel to the right-hand face, through the left-hand face of the 'missing' corner, and so split it into a different L shape (on the right) and a cuboid. Join their centroids and the overall centroid will be where this line meets the first line. This exploration has been very localized in the mathematical landscape, as it were, because we have resolutely stuck to the use of a straight edge only. Even with this very severe limitation, there are connections to other themes: to mention just two: Georg Mohr, a mathematician with no other claim to fame, published the surprising discovery in 1672 that every construction that can be made with ruler and compasses can effectively also be made with compasses alone. (A complete straight line cannot be drawn with compasses, of course, but any point which can be constructed on a straight line, can be constructed with compasses as the point of intersection of two arcs.) This fact was rediscovered in 1797 by the better-known Lorenzo Mascheroni (1750-1800) and such compass-only constructions are called Mascheroni constructions after him. In 1805, the little-known geometer Servais published the result that any construction in the plane that can be performed with a straight edge and a pair of compasses can be performed with a straight edge alone, provided that one circle and its centre is given. (This result was rediscovered in 1822 by the famous mathematician Poncelet (1788-1867), to whom the result is usually attributed.) However, instead of following these leads, we shall turn aside to an entirely different theme.
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The methods in Table 5-8 make perfect sense when you look at them, although a few might be a little strange looking and need a little explaining. When I first started looking at System.String, I had thousands of ideas running through my head. Nothing is more exciting than easy string manipulation. The Split, Join, and Replace functions introduced in VB 6 changed my life, so imagine how elated I was when I saw this new System.String namespace. The Replace() method is very similar to its VB 6 little brother. Dim strName As String = "USS Voyager" MsgBox(strName.Replace("USS", "United Space Ship")) ' returns "United Space Ship Voyager" ' The Equals methods will return a Boolean value indicating ' equality. Dim strName1 as string = "Jar Jar Binks" Dim strName2 as string = "jar jar binks" Msgbox(strName1.Equals(strName2)) ' returns FALSE If your goal is not necessarily the case (upper or lower) of the values, then try using the ToUpper() or ToLower() functions to check equality. Dim strName1 As String = "Jar Jar Binks" Dim strName2 As String = "jar jar binks" If strName1.ToUpper.Equals(strName2.ToUpper) Then MessageBox.Show("The case might be different, " & _ "but the values are the same") End If If you are not concerned with the case of the strings, always do an uppercase or lowercase conversion. Forgetting to do this brings up hard-to-find errors. The following code is VB 6 compliant, performing the same uppercase conversion and string comparison: Dim strName1 As String = "Jar Jar Binks"
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Moving the slider affects the music s bit rate. Bit rate is a measure of how much data is crammed into each second of audio to create the song file, in kilobits per second (Kbps). More data results in better sound but larger files, and vice versa.
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Create Handouts with Microsoft Word
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Planning Migration from Windows NT to Windows 2000; White Paper. Microsoft Corporation, 1999 Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows 2000 (MOC Instructor s Guide). Microsoft Corporation, 1999
Information Kiosk
3 Rksin(60 ) A 3 Rkcos(60 )
(a) Ramping up the transmit power whilst
The Customize Start Menu dialog box
Object SQLServer: User Connections SQLServer: Databases
Figure 2.A.1 An inverse hyperbolic tangent circuit is implemented by two diode-connected transistors.
When you first use your Windows Phone, you re asked to choose from between five languages German, English (U.K. or U.S.), Spanish, French, and Italian and the choice you make at that time determines the settings for a wider range of region, locale, and language options. These settings may not be ideal, depending on where you live, or your needs. Fortunately, there s a single Settings screen one with a lot of choices for further configuring these options. It s called Region & Language (Figure 15-6) and you can find it in All Programs, Settings, Region & Language.
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