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84 Wi-Fi Hotspots
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Part III: Security and Networking
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join the channel electrons (Ic1 component) or diffuse directly from emitter to collector through the base (Ic2 component). In both cases, the path traveled by the electrons is shorter than if no gate bias were applied (Fig. 5.11b). Indeed, the widening of the depletion zone caused by the gate bias reduces the effective neutral base length. The even shorter path traveled by the electrons injected from the emitter and joining the channel current is also obvious. As a result, from these considerations, the gain of the bipolar device is increased when a positive gate voltage is applied, which is always the case in the bipolar MOS device, since the gate is connected to the base. Recently (at the time of writing), this 49 principle of gain enhancement has been applied to bulk lateral bipolar transistors. In summary, the presence of a gate improves the gain of the bipolar transistor, and the presence of a base contact improves both the ON and OFF characteristics of the device. Such a mutually beneficial phenomenon could almost be called "symbiosis." An analytical model of the device can be found in the literature.50 The electrical characteristics of the bipolar-MOS device are presented in Figures 5.12 (NPN device) and 5.13 (quasi-PNP device). Such devices can provide common emitter current gains of 10,000 for L = 0.3 tim.51-53 Low-power, low-voltage CMOS ring oscillators have been fabricated using complementary hybrid MOS-bipolar devices. 54 ,55 These were shown to operate with supply voltages ranging from 0.5 to 1 V. Very low power dissipation is observed (Figs. 5.14 and 5.15). More recently, a 0.5-V SIMOX CMOS circuit (8 K-gate ALU) has been realized using hybrid MOS-bipolar transistors [called multithreshold CMOS (MTCMOS) in Refs. 56 and 57]. The gate delay and the clock frequency are 200ps and 40 MHz, respectively, for a supply voltage of 0.5 V. The standby (sleep mode) power dissipation of the ALU is 5 nW and the power consumption during 40-MHz operation is 350 jiW.
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We must now show that (10.47) and (10.48) have solutions c and c , respectively. Evidently, it suffices to discuss (10.47). If w = 0, we have the trivial solution c = 0 (and perhaps also some others). Let us exclude this case and put (10.49) We have to find a z such that f ( z ) = 1. Let A
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Security and Active Directory
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The assembly as of Step 13
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Ubuntu is designed for use in many different countries. Just because Ubuntu recommends downloading a codec doesn t mean that it s legal to use that codec in your country. Please consult the licensing requirements for your country before installing and using video codecs.
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The StrReverse function returns a string in which the character order is reversed. Dim strIN As String = "Wow, this is really smart" Console.WriteLine(StrReverse(strIN)) ' Returns "trams yllaer si siht ,woW"
National Missile Defense
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