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A window with several tabs all relating to your graphics card appears. This box contains several different tabs, including Adapter, Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Color Management. The last tab is most likely your graphics tab. This is where you can find information concerning your PCs current video card.
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discover design deficiencies that would have to be retrofitted into the completed units, qualification is often performed on a first unit that is built under engineering surveillance to ensure that it is built exactly as specified and as the designers intended. Qualification testing usually includes the application of environment levels and duration to expose the design to the conditions that may be accumulated in total life cycle use. Qualification tests may be performed on replica test articles that simulate a portion of an entity. For instance, a structural test qualification unit does not have to include operational electronic units or software; inert mass simulators may be adequate. Similarly, electronic qualification tests do not need the actual supporting structure since structural simulators with similar response characteristics may be used for testing. The exposure durations and input levels should be designed to envelop the maximum that is expected to be experienced in worst-case operation. These should include acceptance testing (which is quality verification) environments, shipping environments, handling environments, deployment environments, and any expected repair and retesting environments that may occur during the life of an entity. Environments may include temperature, vacuum, humidity, water immersion, salt spray, random vibration, sine vibration, acoustic, shock, structural loads, radiation, and so on. For software, transaction peaks, electrical glitches, and database overloads are candidates. The qualification margins beyond normal expected use are often set by the system level requirements or by the host system. Twenty-degree Fahrenheit margins on upper- and lower-temperature extremes are typical, and either three or six dB margins on vibration, acoustic, and shock environments are often applied. In some cases, safety codes establish the design and qualification margins, such as with pressure vessels and boiler codes. Software design margin is demonstrated by overtaxing the system with transaction rate, number of simultaneous operators, power interruptions, and the like. To qualify the new Harley-Davidson V Rod motorcycle for Parade Duty, it was idled in a desert hot box at 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 centigrade) for 8 hours. In addition, the design was qualified for acid rain, fog, electronic radiation, sun, heat, structural strength, noise, and many other environments. Actual beyond-specification field experience with an exact duplicate of a design is also admissible evidence to qualification if the experience is backed by certified metrics. Once qualification has been established, it is beneficial to certify the design as being qualified to a prescribed set of condi-
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The sample formats that installed with SolidWorks are located in the Data folder in your SolidWorks installation directory. They include ANSI sizes A to E, and ISO sizes A0 to A4. You can probably find enough space on the formats to place a company logo and some standard notes. You cannot open a format directly it must be on a drawing and so to get a closer look at the format, you must make a new drawing using the format.
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53 Scaling Very Large Databases
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Win 60% Red at B 50% 30 Win 60% Red at A 50% Attack B 30 Win 40% Red at B 50% 80 Lose 60% 20 Lose 40% 20 Lose 40%
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Problem 3B
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mysql> select count(*) from players; +----------+ | count(*) | +----------+ | 10 | +----------+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
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As Windows 2000/2003 Server does, Windows Server 2008 also supports a DHCP feature called superscopes, an administrative feature that enables you to create and manage multiple scopes as a single entity. You can use superscopes to allocate IP addresses to clients on a multinet, which is a physical network segment containing multiple logical IP networks (a logical IP network is a cohesive range of IP addresses). For example, you might support three different class C logical IP networks on a physical network segment. Each of the three class C address ranges is de ned as one of three individual child scopes under a superscope. In many cases, you won t plan or set out to use a multinet because using a single logical IP network is much simpler from an administrative standpoint; however, you might need to use a multinet as an interim measure as your network size grows beyond the number of addresses available within the original scope. Or, you might need to migrate the network from one logical IP network to another, such as would be the case if you switched ISPs and therefore had to switch address assignments.
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SQL Everywhere is included as an optional installation component of all Visual Studio 2005 versions that have mobile device support (currently the Standard, Professional, and Team System versions). Even if you already have one of these versions of Visual Studio 2005 installed, it s a good idea to visit the SQL Everywhere Downloads page located at to check for updates to the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition Device SDK. Numerous other downloads are available at this location, including SQL Everywhere Books Online, the IBuySpy sample application, and the server and replication components you will need to prepare for data synchronization between SQL Everywhere and SQL Server 2000 or 2005. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to download and become familiar with the SQL Server Everywhere Books Online (BOL) as you begin exploring SQL Everywhere. After you follow Microsoft s instructions for downloading and installing the Device SDK, make sure you understand its components and where they are located on your development computer.
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Control Protocol. This protocol has two types of messages: Port Control messages used to manage the status of line interfaces, and Common Control messages used to manage the whole V5.1 interface. Examples of message-dependent IEs for the Control Protocol are shown in Table 6.4-4.
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DBCC SHOWCONTIG scanning Frag table... Table: Frag (1227255527); index ID: 1, database ID: 2 TABLE level scan performed. - Pages Scanned................................: 22056 - Extents Scanned..............................: 2772 - Extent Switches..............................: 22055 - Avg. Pages per Extent........................: 8.0 - Scan Density [Best Count:Actual Count].......: 12.50% [2757:22056] - Logical Scan Fragmentation ..................: 99.24% - Extent Scan Fragmentation ...................: 12.63% - Avg. Bytes Free per Page.....................: 2542.0 - Avg. Page Density (full).....................: 68.59% DBCC SHOWCONTIG scanning Frag table... Table: Frag (1227255527); index ID: 2, database ID: 2 LEAF level scan performed. - Pages Scanned................................: 2748 - Extents Scanned..............................: 348 - Extent Switches..............................: 2721 - Avg. Pages per Extent........................: 7.9 - Scan Density [Best Count:Actual Count].......: 12.64% [344:2722] - Logical Scan Fragmentation ..................: 98.07% - Extent Scan Fragmentation ...................: 99.14% - Avg. Bytes Free per Page.....................: 3365.3 - Avg. Page Density (full).....................: 58.42% DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator. DBCC IndexDefrag defragments the index pages of both clustered and non-clustered indexes.
represents poor support, represents limited support, and represents full support.
Towards the Semantic Web: Ontology-driven Knowledge Management. Edited by John Davies, Dieter Fensel and Frank van Harmelen Copyright 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISBN: 0-470-84867-7
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