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The combination of bits H, G, J, and K is known as the protocol control indicator. Par.5 Call Reference. This is an optional parameter in IAM, ACM, CPG, REL, SUS, RES, FOT, INF, and INR messages (Fig. 11.2-6). The parameter identi es a particular ISUP call at an exchange and consists of a call identity (assigned by the exchange that sends the message) and the point code of that exchange (two octets in ITU-T-ISUP; three octets in ANSI-ISUP). It is used in one form of end-to-end signaling (Section 11.5). Par.6 Called Party Number. This is a mandatory variable-length parameter in IAM (Fig. 11.2-7). The parameter eld consists of several sub elds: Odd/even indicator (O/E): 0 1 Even number of address digits Odd number of address digits
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Sometimes changing the order of the key columns can improve the selectivity of an index and improve its performance. Be careful, however, because other queries may depend on the order for their performance.
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subnetwork (subnet) A portion of a network separated off, generally by a router, to reduce traffic. superblock A block on a disk that contains information about file systems. SuperSPARC Module A card containing the SuperSPARC processor, memory, and cache controller. superuser The privileged root user. suspend To halt a process temporarily. swap file A file used in addition to the swap partition. SWAPFS A pseudo-file-system used for swapping. swapping The process by which, when the demand for memory is excessive and the system is having difficulty maintaining the free memory list, entire processes (rather than just pages), are replaced in memory. Contrast with paging. swap space The memory/disk area used to transfer programs between disk and memory. symbolic link A special file that points to a file or directory. The contents of a symbolic link is the pathname to the file pointed to. symmetric encryption An encryption scheme that uses the same key for encryption and decryption. symmetric multiprocessing A form of multiprocessing in which multiple processors can run kernel-level code and run with equivalent status. synchronous Under the control of a timing signal. syslog A general-purpose logging service available in Unix systems. syslog maintains logs on behalf of many services. Its configuration file is /etc/ syslog.conf. system administrator The person responsible for configuring and managing systems, especially servers. system board On Sun systems, a circuit board with CPUs installed. system call A request by a program for kernel support. tar file A file, usually for archiving, created by the tar command. TCP See Transport Control Protocol. TCP/IP See Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. Telnet The virtual terminal tool used most frequently to login to remote systems. Contrast with rlogin and ssh. temporary file system (TMPFS) A file system that uses memory and swap space. See swapping. terminal A physical device or pseudo-device for logging in and interacting with a computer. terminal type The name that identifies a physical terminal or emulation.
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All the topologies of a matching network constructed by three parts can be categorized into and T types. type and T types of impedance matching network contain three parts, either capacitor or inductor. There are eight possible alternative topologies in either the type or T type impedance matching networks, which are plotted in Appendix 10.A.6 and listed in Table 10.5.
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(b) Magnitude of Sij, dB
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What is a loop and why would I use it
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The FeatureManager of a library feature part
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Working with Outlines
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A Reporting Services report consists of data sources, data sets, parameters, and the report layout or design. This section describes each of these report components.
Sony Lens Basics
Use the return value to pass back a success/fail value, but avoid using it to pass back actual data. If you only need to return a value and not a full data set, use an output parameter.
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pairs, are then the opposite vertices of three rectangles. The concurrent lines are the three diagonals of these rectangles that do not pass through the chosen points. Since there are three ways to choose a vertex in the top line, and then two choices for the vertex in the middle line, after which the bottom choice is fixed in advance, we have 3 x 2 x 1 = 6 choices as expected. How many of the six points of concurrency will lie inside the rectangle
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