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Once you ve found the VHD you d like to mount, you can optionally check the Read-only option (if you don t want to inadvertently make any errors) and click OK. If this is the first time you ve done this, Windows 7 will automatically install the required VHD host bus adapter (HBA) driver. Then, the selected VHD and any partition(s) it contains will appear in the Disk Management window, as shown in Figure 26-13. You may also see AutoPlay dialog(s) appear for the attached partition(s).
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Escaping and encoding HTML
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Windows Meeting Space ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
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You re asked for theNewGuy s password and then you can see that the prompt has changed, showing that the new user is logged in. At any time, if you want to log out from the new user, just type exit. Before you move on, let s take a look at some of the tools that are available to manage users and groups. I ve already mentioned the /etc/passwd file; this is where the user information is stored. If you want to look at it, issue the command cat /etc/passwd:
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CS=0.285 pF
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An information element consists of three elds (Fig. 10.3-2): IE Identi er. A one-octet eld that holds the name of the IE see Table 10.3-2. IE Length. A one-octet eld that indicates the length (number of octets) of the contents eld. IE Contents (or IE Value). A variable-length eld that holds the actual information of the IE. The identi er and length elds are in octets 1 and 2 of the IE. The contents eld starts at octet 3. In a message of a given type, the included IEs depend on the message direction. Moreover, an IE can be mandatory (always included in the message) or optional (included only when necessary). The most important mandatory (M) and optional (O) IEs in user-to-network and network-to-user messages are listed in Tables 10.3-3 and 10.3-4 [8,9]. Each IE in the tables has a reference number (e.g., IE.1). We shall use these numbers when referring to IEs in later sections of this chapter.
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A class called WP_Query handles the retrieval of post and page data. Though I will get deeper into customizing this data later in this chapter, Listing 8.2 demonstrates how the default home page query is put together behind the scenes.
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n Save auto-recover info every: This setting allows you to specify that SolidWorks save auto-recover information according to a number of changes or an amount of time. You can also specify the folder to be used for the auto-recover data. Auto-recover information is only used if SolidWorks crashes. The next time you launch SolidWorks after a crash, it will offer you the chance to open the recovered files. The auto-recovered files are shown in the Task pane. If SolidWorks exits normally, then the auto-recover information is deleted at the end of the session. This setting can degrade performance, especially of large parts or assemblies, because it periodically saves out data while you are working. n Number of backup copies per document: SolidWorks has separated the Auto-recover settings from the Backup settings so that they are now two clearly different functions. Backup works differently from auto-recover in that backup occurs only during a save. The previously saved version is renamed (and moved to a new location if the Backup folder is specified). The backup functionality also includes the ability to purge backup files by age. n Save notification: This is the kind of setting that you will probably use after you have crashed and lost a lot of work. It is a nice reminder that does not have to get in the way of work, but not everyone has enough patience to deal with persistent (if polite) nagging.
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Spin Box Increments
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Viewing Information about Pictures
Mobile Web
Connecting with netcon
16: Moving to WordPress and Backing It Up
From (9.83) and (9.84) we derive the following formula for the time-frequency distribution, which can be implemented efficiently:
The New tab can be quite useful when you revisit the newsgroup window from time to time. By letting you know what newsgroups have recently been added to the server, the New tab saves you from having to search through all the available newsgroups on your server to locate the newly added items. Select this tab to view only recently added newsgroups.
HorizontalExtent (Public Instance Property)
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Figure 2-28: You will use the file that s being created here
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