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The way a mounted volume appears in Explorer depends on the volume type. Hard disk volumes appear as drive icons instead of folder icons. CD-ROM volumes appear with a CD icon.
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plexed zinc precursor with ultrasonic-assisted rinsing and followed by normal hot water treatment to convert the zinc hydroxide lm to zinc oxide. The substrate (indium tin oxide, ITO) pretreatment and hot water temperature were varied to study the morphology of the ZnO lm. The best high-density ZnO seed layer was obtained with electrochemical pretreatment of the ITOsubstrate by applying an anodic oxidation potential at room temperature for 3600 s and with a 95 C hot water bath. The ZnO re ections could be observed in XRD after hydrothermal annealing.28 SILAR-grown ZnO lms have been tested for gas sensor applications.29 The ZnO lms, doped with tin for this purpose, were grown from a mixture of dilute zinc sulfate, sodium hydroxide, and sodium tin(IV)oxide solutions. The nal step, resulting in the oxide lm, was treatment of the substrate and lm in a nearly boiling water bath. The NO2 gas sensing properties were tested for lms doped with Al, Cu, Pd, and Sn, but only the lm doped with tin exhibited sensitivity toward NO2. The sensitivity of the ZnO:Sn lm was 5%/ppm after rapid photothermal processing (RPP). The best sensitivity was obtained when the tin concentration was 5 10%.29 Another route to grow ZnO thin lms by the SILAR method is to use hydrogen peroxide as an oxygen precursor. The as-grown zinc peroxide lm was homogeneous and polycrystalline, showing only the cubic XRD re ections of zinc peroxide. After annealing, during which the zinc peroxide decomposed to zinc oxide, the lms were amorphous. The band gap of the ZnO lm was 3.7 eV, and the transmittance in UV-VIS was over 90%.30 32 Cu2O. Copper sulfate complexed with thiosulfate has been used together with hot sodium hydroxide to deposit copper(I) oxide lms. When the lms were annealed at 350 C in air, they converted to copper(II) oxide, but annealing at 400 C in nitrogen did not change the composition of the original copper(I) oxide lm. The electrical conductivity of the CuO lms was high.33 Copper oxide lms have also been grown via the peroxide route by Tolstoi et al., who used a copper ammine solution and basic hydrogen peroxide.34 36 The effect of the concentration of the precursors was investigated by ellipsometric and spectrophotometric methods. Copper, iron, cobalt, and manganese oxide nanoclusters have been grown by the SILAR method on SnO2 substrates to investigate their gas sensing properties.37 As-grown metal hydroxide lms were annealed at 100 400 C to convert them to metal oxides. The metal oxide nanoclusters could not be observed by SEM, but after annealing at 800 C, thicker lms (50 60 nm) showed typical polycrystalline XRD re ections of the metal oxides. The crystallite size of the oxides was small (i.e., 4 6 nm).37 TiO2. Titanium oxide (TiO2) is a technologically important material, used in photocatalytic and solar cells, electronic and optical devices, air puri cation, and many biological and medical applications. Photocatalytically active TiO2 lms have been grown using aqueous solutions of 0.06 M
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where: -a specifies this is an add operation. -c # indicates the number of replicas to be added. -l #### indicates the size of the replicas in blocks. -f forces the operation (causes it to run even if no replicas yet exist). slice is the name of the component that will contain the replica. For example:
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Developing triggers requires understanding the overall flow of the transaction; otherwise, conflicts between constraints and triggers can cause designing and debugging nightmares. Every transaction moves through the various checks and code in the following order: 1. Identity insert check. 2. Nullability constraint. 3. Data-type check. 4. Instead of trigger execution. If an instead of trigger exists, execution of the DML stops here. Instead of triggers are not recursive. Therefore, if the insert trigger executes a DML command that fires the same event (insert, update or delete), then the instead of trigger will be ignored the second time around. 5. Primary-key constraint. 6. Check constraints. 7. Foreign-key constraint. 8. DML execution and update to the transaction log. 9. After trigger execution. 10. Commit transaction. 11. Writing the data file.
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In this example, ID 7 is connected to the domain A shell and has been idle for over 56 minutes. You can terminate this connection by executing the following command:
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The rich user can now create a new table in the test database.
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INSERT dbo.GuideSample (FirstName, LastName) EXEC ListGuides
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12.4.3 Mobile Control Messages We now examine the most important mobile control messages. Some of these have already been mentioned in Section 12.3. Mobile control messages on the Forward and Reverse Control Channels (FOCC, RECC) are used for signaling between the mobile system and a mobile that has been turned on and is not involved in a call. When a mobile is on a call, the signaling is on the forward and reverse part of the voice channel (FVC, RVC) that has been allocated to the call. 12.4.4 Mobile Control Messages on FOCC The messages shown in Fig. 12.4-2 consist of word 1 (T1T2 01) and word 2 or word 2 (T1T2 10). Page Message. This alerts the mobile about an incoming call. Registration Con rmation Message. This con rms the registration of a mobile. Release Message. This is sent when the system rejects the registration of a mobile. Reorder Message. This is sent when the system cannot process an origination, for example, when no voice channel is available. Initial Voice Channel Designation Message. This speci es the initial voice channel assigned to the call, the color code of the channel, and the mobile attenuation code. reading code128 tag
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Part III Developing with SQL Server
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'Write out the number of lines returned Debug.WriteLine(oDataSet.Tables(0).Rows.Count)
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Most e -mail solutions use the term Reply to All instead of Reply All.
SQL Server has no inherent undo command. Once a transaction is committed, that s it. That s why the where clause is so important when you re deleting. By far, the most common use of the delete command is to delete a single row. The primary key is usually the means of selecting the row:
If you don t currently have another e-mail client installed, for example Outlook, you can click Start and then E-mail to open Windows Mail. If you wish to use Windows Mail, you can access it from the Start menu.
2 Save the page.
Used to perform bitwise disjoining of two numeric expressions. The Or operator compares the identical bits
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