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19: The Ubuntu Command Line
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the vacuum tube engineers failed to appreciate their advantages. Some, myself among them, put signs on their doors saying help stamp out transistors. We old-timers were quite reluctant to embrace those expensive and temperature-sensitive little pills that gave no warning at all of impending failure. Under stress, a vacuum tube was always kind enough to glow red and blue and allow time for a quick power-down to save it from destruction. Until transistor construction changed from the original germanium material over to the much less temperature sensitive silicon in the early 1960s, they were just an attractive nuisance to many of us. But now, having rendered the delicate and bulky vacuum tube virtually obsolete (except for broadcast radio transmitters), transistors have made their massive transmutation into integrated circuits in which millions of them can occupy less than a square inch on a silicon wafer along with all of the interconnecting circuit wires (see Figure 1.1). It is easy to see how such extreme miniaturization would lead to the rugged, uniform, and reliable products that we now enjoy. A surprising by-product of all this is the dramatically lower construction cost that has come about through the use of photooptical mass manufacturing methods, which were quietly developed by an obscure and wholly unrecognized band of highly dedicated scientists and engineers. They are a whole separate story, and our hats are off to them!
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Multi-user concurrency should be tested during the development process several times. To quote the MCSE exam guide, . . . don t let the real test be your first test.
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The Windows Server 2008 Group Policy (GP) application hierarchy is typically site rst, domain next, and then OU. In other words, if GP is set for a site, all objects in that site feel the effects of the GP, including the domain and all its members. If you then apply GP to a domain, the merged GP for all objects in the domain is inherited from the site and the domain. If you further apply GP to an OU, if GP is set for the domain and the site, the GP on any object in the OU is a combination of all three. In other words, the combined control in the OU may be derived from the domain policy and the site policy as well, unless the inherited policy is expressly blocked by a built-in override mechanism that can be enabled or disabled (discussed in the section The Policy later in this chapter) and the access-control mechanisms on groups and users. You can also force policy directly on an object by linking the GPO to the object and then setting the link to forbid overriding.
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Figure 7.2.16 Comparison of angle scan pro les for IAP wafers on which Fe, Ni, or Zn was adsorbed. Reproduced by permission of The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry Table 7.2.2 Wafer-to-wafer uniformity of adsorbed metal concentration for IAP wafer, prepared in each single batch Element Fe Ni Zn Concentration (atoms cm 2 ) 4.5 1012 1.6 1012 3.0 1012 Relative standard deviation (%) 0.96 5.9 5.4
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20 30 40 Interference rejection, dB
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International Campus
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A part that uses this technique is shown in Figure 26.1. This part seems to contradict what I said earlier about not being able to use exploded views with multi-body parts, but this part uses the Move/Copy Bodies feature to move bodies within the part. This function remains in the part as a history-based feature in the FeatureManager and is much more labor-intensive to create than an assembly exploded view because each body is moved by a separate feature.
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Err by Overcommunicating. I ve learned that it s virtually impossible to communicate too much during a project. Give your buyer the option of ignoring or filing unneeded information, but don t do the buyer the injustice of censoring the information beforehand. Send e-mail, notes, and phone messages between your regular meetings as needed. If, for example, you had agreed to interview a key department head whose cooperation was needed, leave a voice mail message indicating that the meeting took place and that cooperation was promised. Of course, very seldom will progress be as smooth as a jog around the park. You re going to encounter tough terrain, dogs on the loose, poor weather, broken sidewalks, and the occasional mugger. In assessing progress, you have to be brutally honest with the buyer, so
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Skeletons and layouts
A confirmation dialog box appears, asking whether you are sure you want to send the selected site to the Recycle Bin.
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Part II
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