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While each transmission medium/system has its own unique properties and applications, digital ber-optic cable clearly offers the most potential in terms of raw performance. Its cost and fragility, however, are limiting factors. The selection of the most appropriate transmission medium is sensitive to the criteria mentioned at the beginning of this chapter. Namely, those considerations include bandwidth, error performance, throughput, distance between elements, propagation delay, security, mechanical strength, physical dimensions, and a number of cost factors. In fact, a given long-haul transmission typically will traverse a number of transmission systems, perhaps both wired and wireless, commonly including twisted pair in the local loop and ber optics in the backbone. The true concept of a hybrid transmission system, however, generally involves a local loop connection deployed in a well-planned convergence scenario. Such a scenario involves one or more providers deploying a communications grid designed to deliver voice, data, and entertainment information to the premises. Hybrid systems usually are described as involving Fiber-to-The-Neighborhood (FTTN) or Fiber-ToThe-Curb (FTTC), with the last link being embedded UTP. A number of incumbent telephone carriers and CATV providers have made signi cant investments in ber-optic local loop technologies. Verizon (United States) has invested over a billion dollars in FTTP and plans to invest billions more. AT&T (United States), previously SBC (nee Southwestern Bell Telephone Company), has made signi cant investments in FTTN, planning to maximize the use of embedded UTP in a hybrid scenario. Other approaches involve Wireless Local Loop (WLL)
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Figure 3.1 An Ultra-ATA/66 IDE controller card
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Optimization menu and allows you to set the D-Range Optimization. Press the Menu button and use the multi-selector to open the Recording menu 1; then set the desired mode. The D-Range Optimization works in all le qualities and sizes. There are four D-Range Optimization choices:
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FigurE 10-6: Messages with attachments feature a prominent paperclip badge.
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This difference in test score distribution between boys and girls was also recently con rmed in a large study that ironically spawned nationwide headlines that ran afoul of the Flaw of Averages: Girls Match Boys on Tests in Math (Reuters, July 24, 2008), Math Scores Show No Gap for Girls, Study Finds (New York Times, July 25, 2008), and The Myth of the Math Gender Gap (Time, July 24, 2008). Naturally these headlines all referred to average scores. The New York Times starts out by saying that Three years after the president of Harvard, Lawrence H. Summers, got into trouble for questioning women s intrinsic aptitude for science and engineering . . . a study paid for by the National Science Foundation has found that girls perform as well as boys on standardized math tests. No, it didn t. What Summers had argued was that there is greater variation in men than women, not that they have greater ability on average. And this was indeed con rmed by the math score study. In the Reuters article, Janet Hyde, the University of Wisconsin author of the study, says that we did nd more boys than girls above the 99th percentile at a 2-to-1 ratio, which is even greater than that found in Wainer s history scores. How should this greater variation in test scores be interpreted As a result of researching this chapter, I suspect that men and
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Figure 16-17: Microsoft offers far more for both casual and extreme gamers than the handful
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Server Explorer
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! View the makeover by opening the HTML page in your browser.
The MAP operations for location updating and the most important parameters in their invokes and return-results are outlined below. The operations occur in the order they are executed during a typical location update. In what fallows, the HLR of MS is the home location register in the home PLMN of MS that has a record for MS (Section 19.6.5). MSC is the mobile switching center that has received a location update (LU) request from MS, and VLR is the visitor location register associated with that MSC. PVLR is the previous visitor location register, which has been serving the MS up to this point. MAP_UPDATE_LOCATION_AREA. The operation is invoked by a MSC that has received a LU_request from a MS. It requests VLR to establish a record for MS if it does not already have one and, if desired by VLR, to authenticate the MS, and/or to allocate a new TMSI. The acknowledgment by VLR indicates that it has successfully performed these tasks. MAP_UPDATE_LOCATION. The operation is invoked by a VLR whose MSC has received a LU_request from a mobile MS, and which has no record on MS. It requests the HLR of MS to enter the VLR address as the new current location of MS in its MS record. MAP_CANCEL_LOCATION. The operation is invoked by the HLR of MS whose MS record includes a VLR address and has received an update_location invoke about MS. The cancel_location invoke is made to PVLR, which is identi ed by its address. The invoke requests PVLR to erase its MS record. After doing so, PVLR returns an acknowledgment. MAP_INSERT_SUBSCRIBER_DATA. This operation is invoked by the HLR of mobile MS, after receiving an update_location invoke from a VLR. The invoke includes information items in the MS record at HLR (Section 19.6.5). VLR establishes a MS record that contains the information and then acknowledges the invoke. MAP_SEND_IDENTIFICATION. The operation is invoked by the VLR associated with a MSC that has received a LU_request from mobile MS in which MS has identi ed itself by the TMSIS and LAIS that are stored in its SIM. The invoke, which includes these parameters, requests PVLR to provide the IMSI of MS. PVLR includes IMSI in its acknowledgment. MAP_PROVIDE_IMSI. The operation is invoked by the VLR associated with the MSC that has received a LU_request from a MS in which the MS is identi ed by
Many of the advantages of CDMA are related to the fact that interference behaves almost like noise, especially in the uplink. This noise-like behavior is due to several reasons: The number of users (and therefore, of interferers) in each cell is large. Power control makes sure that all intracell signals arriving at the BS have approximately the same strength (see also below). Interference from neighboring cells also comes from a large number of users. Spreading codes are designed in such a way that all signals in one cell have approximately the same cross-correlation with each signal in all neighboring cells. Note that this implies that we cannot simply reuse the same codeset in each cell; otherwise, there would be one user in the neighboring cell that would contribute much more interference (the user that uses the same code as the desired user in the desired cell). Due to the above effects, total interference power shows very little uctuations. At the same time, the power control makes sure that the signal strength from the desired user is always constant. The SINR is thus constant, and no fading margin has to be used in the link budget. However, note that making interference as Gaussian as possible is not always the best strategy for maximizing data throughput; multiuser detection (Section 18.4) actively exploits structure in interference and works best when there are only a few strong interferers. In the downlink, spreading codes are orthogonal, so that (at least in theory) different users can be separated completely. However, in this case, the number of users in the cell is limited by the number of Walsh Hadamard codes. The situation then becomes similar to a TDMA system: if the MC available Walsh Hadamard codes are used up, then no further users can be served. Furthermore, there is also interference from the Walsh Hadamard codes of neighboring cells. The situation can be improved by multiplying the Walsh Hadamard codes by a scrambling code. Walsh Hadamard codes that are multiplied by the same scrambling code remain orthogonal; codes that are multiplied by different scrambling codes do not interfere catastrophically. Therefore, different cells use different scrambling codes (see also 26). Downlink intercell interference does not come from a large number of independent sources. All the interference comes from the BSs in the vicinity of the considered MS i.e., a few (at most six) BSs constitute the dominant source of interference. The fact that each of these BSs transmits signals to a large number of users within their cell does not alter this fact: the interfering signal still comes from a single geographical source that has a single propagation channel to the victim MS. Consequently, the downlink might require a fading margin in its link budget.
Elliptical Dome
Earlier in this chapter, I mentioned profile fields, base group names, and the Full Name field name. Users can set up their profiles on the Profile Field Setup page, shown in Figure 24.8. Whenever you have users, you want to give them the opportunity to personalize their experience. One of the ways to do that in BuddyPress is to give them a full profile to fill out. Every community will be different in terms of needs, so taking time to map this out in advance will pay off in the end. For example, say you run a BuddyPress-based social network for a non-profit working with community members in developing countries. Providing profile fields such as Country or Mode of Transport might be helpful in this scenario. A video game network might provide a profile field with a drop-down menu that enables users to choose their favorite gaming console. Take your time to make sound strategic decisions when configuring your profile data points. Profile fields can be grouped together according to similar fields. Each of these groups becomes a tab that a user can click through to enter extraneous information about them.
FIGURE 2.21 Popular menus View Menu Insert Menu Tools Menu Customize Mode
Figure 4.9 Attaching the console cable
In SolidWorks, you can undock the CommandManager and leave it undocked, pull it to a second monitor, or dock it vertically to the left or right. To undock it, click and drag on any non-toolbar button area of the CommandManager, such as around the border. To re-dock an undocked CommandManager or to change its docking location, drag it onto one of the docking stations around the screen. Figure 2.4 shows the CommandManager undocked.
We consider SSL a must for any site involved in e-commerce or that wishes to keep its Web interactions private for any reason. At the same time, SSL incurs a significant overhead with the encryption and decryption of each communication between client and server. Though the exact ramifications of this overhead depend on the nature of your Web site and how much traffic it handles, it may more than double the load on your server. Because of this, many sites that elect to use SSL use it only for those pages that contain sensitive information and not for the site in general. Encryption of selected pages is more generally accomplished by coding links to these pages using URLs beginning with https instead of http.
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