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Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.SqlServerCe The code below would be placed in the constructor or Load event of your Smart Device project s Startup form/object in order to always replicate when your application executes. If the SQL Everywhere database is not found locally, one is created while you wait. Dim repl As SqlCeReplication = GetReplication() repl.Synchronize() All of the replication properties below need to be modified to match your merge replication environment. The values you see in the code are for illustration only. Public Function GetReplication() As SqlCeReplication Dim databaseName As String = \My Documents\SS2005BIBLE.SDF Dim connection As String = Data Source= & databaseName Dim repl As New SqlCeReplication() repl.InternetUrl = http://dellxps/repl/sqlcesa30.dll repl.Publisher = DELLXPS\SQLSERVER repl.PublisherDatabase = Adventureworks repl.PublisherSecurityMode = SecurityType.NTAuthentication repl.Publication = AW_PUB repl.Subscriber = DDS_PPC repl.SubscriberConnectionString = connection AddOption.CreateDatabase shown below allows the application to start without a SQL Everywhere DB on device, and then create it dynamically upon first call to Synchronize()
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Getting More from Mates
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13.7 CONCLUSION In this chapter, we reviewed materials and methods that enable high-performance semiconductor devices on exible and even stretchable substrates, in two- or three-dimensional layouts. The methods use specialized rubber stamps with functional inks consisting of high-performance semiconductor materials in the form of micro/nanoscale ribbons, sheets, wires, tubes, and bars. A printing operation delivers these materials to virtually any type of substrate, including lightweight, exible plastic sheets. This stamping method has several advantages, including low-temperature operation that avoids differential thermal expansion and degradation effects, applicability to broad classes of semiconductor nanomaterials, and an ability to form nondestructive contacts with underlying device layers. These features lead to devices and circuit systems that overcome many of the disadvantages of conventional approaches. Successful commercial implementation of such techniques represents a signi cant engineering challenge, but one that would enable wideranging new applications for electronics, including not only those that are traditionally associated with exible macroelectronics but also others, such as hemispherical electronic eye imagers, smart sensory surgical gloves, and personal health monitors, that could represent important technologies for the future.
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Copying Photos to the PC
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Average Return
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9 Merging Data with Joins and Unions
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jQuery Reply to Comment
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One of the important speci cations for a LNA design is stability. It is obvious that a LNA may become an oscillator if it is unstable in the circuit performance. Therefore, the designer must examine its stability after the topology of the circuit and the value of parts, such as the design sample shown in Figure 1.12, are con rmed. barcode code 39 browse pdf file scan
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Here, the primed summation sign indicates that the sum is extended only over the I observations for which /xi- T < cS. If we determine T from (6.74) and insert it
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The owchart for copy sequence goes in one direction down.
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33 Social Communications: If you re familiar with the iPhone or other modern smart phones, you know that there s a separate app (in many cases, many separate apps) for each social networking and online service out there. So if you want to access Facebook, you find and launch the Facebook application. Twitter Find and launch the Twitter app. MySpace LinkedIn You get the drill. Jumping in and out of apps is possible on Windows Phone. In fact, all of the major social networking and online services are or soon will be available as discrete apps on Windows Phone just as they are on other smart phones. But Windows Phone offers a better way one that works the way you think instead of requiring you to think the way the phone works. To this end, Microsoft combines these apps into single, integrated views called hubs, or panoramic experiences that allow you to keep track of the family, friends, and others you care about without having to move from app to app to make it happen. The software giant calls this the here and now and it s exposed throughout the Windows Phone user experience in various ways. One obvious example is the People hub and its associated live tile. Instead of providing just a rote contacts list, the People hub provides a visual way to access the people you ve recently interacted with, all of your contacts (across various services), and a cross-service What s new feed (derived from the web-based Windows Live Messenger Social feed). It s the central aggregation point for all of the services you ve joined, and connected via Windows Live (as discussed in 1). There are a couple of advantages to this approach. 33 First, you only have to connect the services you care about to your Windows Live ID once. 33 And second, you don t have to manage or navigate in and out of different apps all the time (as you do on the iPhone, Android, and other smart phones). What you get with Windows Phone is a more seamless experience, one that is focused on the relationships that matter to you, not on discrete apps, one for each service. More conceptually, the Windows Phone approach puts your contacts at the forefront of your social communications, where they should be. That is, the people you care about most are the focal point. And because Windows Phone pays attention to the connections you ve made, the most recent people you ve phoned, messaged, or contacted otherwise are available right at the
Figure 9-4: Houston, we have a problem.
Con guring authentication
Network Information Services
wide area network (WAN): Large geographical area used to connect smaller local networks. These types of networks are often used by large corporations or ISPs. The Internet is an example of a WAN. Windows Meeting Space: The new name for what had been previously known as
Probably the most common mistake that users make around the issue of editing the part versus editing the assembly is when they add a sketch. If you intend to add a sketched feature to a part in the context of an assembly, but you fail to switch to Edit Part mode before creating the sketch, then the sketch ends up in the assembly rather than the part; you can only do limited things with a sketch in an assembly. Likewise, if you intend to make an assembly layout sketch, but you do not switch out of Edit Part mode, then you end up with a sketch in a part that cannot do what you want it to do.
WordPress object caching is covered in more detail in 18. n
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