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1 The Information Architecture Principle
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The get_search_form() template tag is hookable. You can use the get_search_form filter to modify the content of the search form. This is very useful if you want to provide alternative styling or structure to your search form. n
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The PostgreSQL Files
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Information Kiosk
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You can discover more Accelerators on the Internet Explorer Add ons site at www.ieaddons
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In addition to describing some of the basic concepts involved with configurations, the first part of this chapter presents reasons for using design tables. For example, while manual configuration management can be haphazard, and is highly prone to mistakes, design tables lay everything out in an Excel spreadsheet. Although many new users ask whether they can use a different replacement spreadsheet program, you must use Excel for design tables.
Setting up a multicast forwarder
Get Device Certificates
5. Edit the plate in the context of the assembly, and convert entities from the mounting holes in the clamp to create holes in the plate that align with the holes in the clamp. 6. Exit the Edit Component mode. 7. Activate Toolbox, select the four holes, as shown in Figure 19.11, and insert Socket Head Cap Screws, 3 8 by 24 by 5 8 inches. If you do not have Toolbox or choose not to use it, then a part with the correct name and sized configurations is provided on the CD-ROM. 8. Use the same fastener to place in the mounting holes, using the correct size for the hole. The length will be set later. Use a default length of 2.25 inches for both mounting holes.
Color depth means how many colors the display system can show at once. It s a characteristic of the video card, but not of a CRT monitor; CRT monitors work with analog signals and can manage as many different gradations of color as the video adapter can throw at them. The more colors your display system can show, the richer the colors on your screen appear, and the more lifelike photographs and movies look. The color depth value may appear differently in different documents, so the following list should clarify things: 8-bit color means 256 colors at once. 15-bit color, or high color, means 16,000 colors at once. 16-bit color, also called high color, means 32,000 colors at once. 24-bit color, or true color, means 16.7 million colors at once. 32-bit color, also called true color, means 4.3 trillion colors at once. The human eye, at its best, can only see 11 or 12 million colors, so 24-bit color display systems are able to show more colors than you or I can detect. (My wife claims that she has truecolor eyes while mine are high-color on a good day. Unfortunately, biologists back up that assertion: On average, women have better color vision than men.)
Visible entities Identifying multiple entities Relational patterns Normalization Relational algebra
FIGURE 2.20 The Standard toolbar
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