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Figure 4.9 (a) Relative electron concentration as a function of depth in the channel with and without quantum-mechanical (QM) effects taken into account near the source end (lines) and near the drain end (points); (b) classical (dotted lines) and quantum-mechanical (solid lines) hole sheet change density in the channel of a MOSFET as a function of gate voltage. While this is the relevant expression for dilute electron gases at high temperature, for degenerate conditions, one should use the Fermi velocity, VF (> 107 cm/s, depending on carrier concentration) in place of the thermal velocity. As mentioned above, whenever the potentials vary on distance scales comparable to the De Broglie wavelength, a quantum mechanical treatment is necessary. Another length scale of
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Similar changes are made to the menus to hide or show menu selections as appropriate. You can find more information about hiding and showing menu items later in this chapter. If you want to select a different option after the initial setup, choose Tools Customize and click the Options tab, where you can specify a different choice. Figure 2.20 shows the Options tab of the Customize dialog box.
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other spreadsheets) commands, along with a set of wizards and options for sending documents through email, creating templates, and creating web pages Edit: the Select All and Find commands, along with change tracking, headers and footers, and plug-in loading View: the Zoom functions and toolbars, along with options for showing or hiding column and row headers Insert: commands for adding page breaks and special characters, along with cells, rows, functions, and external data to your spreadsheets Format: cell and row formatting, cell merging, and page settings, along with conditional formatting and specifying the format to identify data in a cell (explained in further detail below) Tools: spell checker and thesaurus, along with hyphenation, autocorrection features, an image gallery, and a macro creator and editor Data: data selection, sorting, and grouping routines
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enables the caller to ring the target PC over the Internet or even to connect to a standard telephone set via a gateway between the Internet and the PSTN. In such a scenario, the long-haul portion of the call is over the toll-free Internet. Current technology also supports full-duplex communications. The quality of a VoIP call over the Internet varies. My lovely bride, Margaret, is the principal of The Evergreen Group, a curriculum company that develops training material for companies all over the world. She recently managed a project involving instructional designers and subject matter experts in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Columbia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, and the United States. In order to keep long-distance calling costs to a minimum, she used a popular Internet voice service. There were two ways to connect a call:
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Full-text search can attempt to locate full phrases if those phrases are surrounded by double quotes. For example, to search for the fable about the boy who cried wolf, searching for Wolf! Wolf! does the trick:
FIGURE 24.8 Column, Row, and Cell properties
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Using the camera to display images
What s the real difference between Private and Public network locations (Or, if you like, Home/Work network locations and Public network locations ) In both location types Windows Firewall is on, but configured somewhat differently. Network discovery is on while connected to Private networks, but off for Public networks. Sharing of folders, printers, and media is on by default in Private networks, but off in Public networks. When you re connected to a network, you ll see a Network icon appear in the taskbar notification area. (This icon was called a connectoid in previous Windows versions.) This icon can have different states, and while the states are identical between wired and wireless network types, the icons are different. The following states are available:
These all work similarly. You can follow these steps to trigger a restore of your own data: 1. Open Backup and Restore and click the Restore my files button. 2. The Restore Files window, shown in Figure 24-12, appears.
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