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FIGURE 7.44 A face fillet covering complex geometry
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Rear control dial to select the Recording menu 3.
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This book is divided into eight parts.
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13: Getting More from Mates
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While this sort of functionality may be attractive for a lot of reasons, you should not choose this way. Unless you are dealing with the simplest of geometry and sketch relations, 3D sketches and more specifically 3D sketch planes are simply not up to the task. It is definitely true that 3D sketches in SolidWorks work far better than they used to, but I would still not put even a 3D sketch of medium complexity in a part that I had to depend on for production data. The specific problem is sketch relations. I discuss 3D sketches in more detail in 31.
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Part II
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B. If you join each vertex of a triangle to the middle of the opposite side with a straight line, all the three lines will go through the same point.
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The Simple Raiserror Form
FPM (Fast Page Mode) memory was common in older PCs; it is all but extinct today, because it can t keep up with modern processor speeds. Early FPM memory had a chip speed of 120 nanoseconds, while later FPM memory improved to 60 nanoseconds.
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Editing sketch relations Copying and moving sketch entities Using sketch pictures Using sketch text Using colors and line styles with sketches Tutorial: Editing and copying
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The advent of blogging as a popular mainstream activity signified a new trend in communication. It is now possible for anyone to get her feet wet with self publishing, and free, open source solutions like WordPress have played a large role in that. Traditional journalism has eyed blogs suspiciously, considering them something only untrained, unvetted writers do. A cold war arose as the traditional means for disseminating news and information shifted from the front page of the newspaper to the home page of a Web site. Later, the same type of conflict developed between bloggers and communications professionals. When social networks like Facebook and Twitter emerged, the role of the blog changed again. For some, blogging took a back burner to the means of instant communication, such as microblogs and aggregation tools. For others, social networks gained importance, complementing blogging and blogs. Today, most blogs, traditional news sources, and public relations firms use social networks to extend their reach. Blogs that don t have some kind of feature to share content across social networks are perceived as isolationist and likely have seen a decrease in their traffic over the past few years. It is considered imperative to have integration with social networks to extend the blog s reach. WordPress, for its part, has many plugins that integrate some aspect of social media. A quick search of the plugin repository shows almost 300 varieties of Twitter plugins and almost 100 varieties of Facebook plugins. It is important to know the technical implementations of social network integration on the growth and sustainability of a blog, and equally important to have a good understanding of the marketing benefits of these tools. Realistically, there are plugins that automatically send a tweet of a Post title and URL every time you click Publish, but does this actually increase the blog s traffic and exposure As it turns out, less than you might think.
If you have taken time to set up a computer and then need to reinstall SolidWorks, move to another computer, or duplicate the setup for another user, you need to copy out the files you have used or customized. All these files are located by default in different folders within the SolidWorks installation directory. 2 deals with interface settings and creating a registry settings file to copy to other computers or use as a backup, but that does not address also copying the files of various types that also comprise an installation customization.
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