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Most dimensions are organized into hierarchies that have a fixed number of levels, but certain business problems do not lend themselves to a fixed number of levels. For example, a minor organizational change may add a new level to the organization chart. Relational databases solve this problem with self-referential tables. Analysis Services solves this problem using parent-child dimensions. A self-referential table involves two key columns for example, an employee ID and a manager ID. To build the organizational chart, start with the president and look for employees that she manages, then look for the employees they manage, and so on. Often this relationship is expressed as a foreign key between the employee ID (the primary key) and the manager ID. When such a relationship exists on the source table, the Dimension Wizard will suggest the appropriate parent-child relationship. In the employee table example, the employee ID attribute will be configured with the Usage property set to Key, while the
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Gateway TDM PBX
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The HTML file is displayed in Design view.
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Comparing MMC to Other Tools
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restore the database and the transaction log to another server. A solution is to maintain a warm backup server on ready standby so that if the primary server fails, then the warm standby comes online with minimal availability impact.
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Cognitive Radio
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We consider the criterion (3.110) The solutions (3.90) and (3.91),
The # is the next number in the sequence. SQL Server will take the next available number, with Analysis Server taking the following number. Therefore, if both SQL Server and Analysis Server are installed, the directory structure would look like this:
The DropDownList control allows you to place an HTML select box on a Web page within a form and program against it. Within the code of the document, the DropDownList control is written as <asp:dropdownlist>. A coding example follows: <asp:DropDownList id="DropDownList1" runat="server" DataSource="<% databindingexpression %>" DataTextField="DataSourceField" DataValueField="DataSourceField" AutoPostBack="True|False" OnSelectedIndexChanged="OnSelectedIndexChangedMethod"> <asp:ListItem value="value" selected="True|False"> Text </asp:ListItem> </asp:DropDownList> The drop-down list allows the user to select one item from a drop-down list of items (see Figure 35-8). Only one item displays at a time (the selected item). When the user clicks the arrow button within the control, the drop-down list opens up and displays all the available choices. Depending on the number of choices, users may have to scroll through the list to find their choice. Note It is impossible to control how many items in the drop-down list are displayed when the list opens up. This is controlled by the browser, and is different based upon the browser type. The DropDownList control is similar to the ListBox control, but the ListBox control allows the user to make multiple selections. In the following example, you use the DropDownList control (see Listing 35-6) and then the following text works through what you built. You can see the result of the following code in Figure 35-8. Distributed Dynamic Channel Allocation Algorithms
Nested Triggers
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