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Digital carrier transmission facilities can include unshielded twisted pair (22 or 24 gauge), shielded copper, coaxial cable, microwave, satellite, infrared, or ber-optic cable. Therefore, digital carrier is said to be medium independent. Regenerative repeaters reshape and boost the signal at regular intervals. In a twisted-pair T1 circuit, also known as a T-span or T1 pipe, the repeaters are spaced at intervals of approximately 6000 ft, which corresponds with the spacing of loading coils in analog circuits. As digital technology replaced analog, the loading coils were removed from their protected housings and replaced with repeaters, which were designed speci cally to operate at those intervals. While T1 and E-1 were originally developed as short-haul carrier systems, they can operate over twisted pair for distances up to 200 miles (325 km) or so, with proper spacing of up to 50 repeaters. The repeaters are line powered, that is, powered from the CO exchange over the same transmission line that they serve at levels up to 100 V. The repeaters maintain their synchronization through the transmission bit stream; therefore, bipolar transmission is critical, as is the ones density rule. Alternate Mark Inversion Bipolar transmission refers to the fact that the electrical signal has two active states, positive (+) and negative ( ) voltage, plus an inactive state of zero voltage. More speci cally, Alternate Mark Inversion (AMI) reverses the polarity of alternate marks, or 1 bits, expressing the rst as a positive voltage of +3 V, the second as a negative voltage of 3 V, the third as +3 V, and so on. Between any two successive marks, the signal returns to and pauses at zero voltage in order to maintain a zero reference point for the receiving multiplexer, as illustrated in Figure 7.8 [11]. Since 0 bits are represented by a zero voltage, they provide neither clocking pulses nor power for the repeaters. Neither do 0 bits provide any clocking for the receiving multiplexer. A string of too many successive 0 bits will cause synchronization issues, which can translate into timing slips, or jitter, as the receiver loses the ability to measure the bit time and determine where one bit ends and the next begins. This, in turn, can jeopardize the integrity of the bit stream. As a result, there is a requirement for a certain ones density. Over time, there have been several
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The OnInsertComplete method gets executed after the element gets inserted into the DictionaryBase collection. It is declared in the DictionaryBase class in the following manner: Overridable Protected Sub OnInsertComplete( _ ByVal key As Object, _ ByVal value As Object) The code in Listing 11-22 shows how to create and raise an event associated with the OnInsertComplete method from within the AirplaneCollection class. The code in Listing 11-23 shows how to handle the event from the Form1 code. Listing 11-22: The OnInsertComplete Method
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Now that you ve moved to digital storage for your most valuable data, it s time to start thinking about creating backups, copies of your original data that are ideally kept elsewhere for safekeeping. Many people don t even consider backing up until the unthinkable happens: a hard drive breaks down, literally taking all the data with it, or fire or theft occurs. Whatever the situation, you should be prepared for the worst before it happens. This is all the more important because many people now manage both their professional and private lives on their PCs. It s one thing to lose this week s meeting agenda, but quite another when a hard-drive crash destroys the only copies you had of five years worth of digital photos. Those are memories, for crying out loud. Given the almost complete lack of decent backup solutions in Windows XP and previous Windows versions, you may be surprised to discover that Windows 7 (like Windows Vista before it) offers an almost mind-boggling array of backup and restore solutions, each aimed at a different need. Best of all, Windows 7 also includes friendly front ends to all these capabilities, so that even the most nontechnical user can get up to speed quickly. Before getting into that, however, consider the various types of data safety facilities that Windows 7 supports.
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The Boundary Surface was created as a higher quality replacement for the Loft feature, but certain limitations mean that Loft has not been removed from the feature list. Boundary surface most resembles a loft, but has elements of the fill surface, and at times can also function like a sweep. It requires you to select edges or sketch elements in two different directions, directly relating to the NURBS scheme I discussed earlier in this chapter. This feature can work with only one set of edges selected. If several edge or sketch segments combine to form one side of a direction, then you must use the SelectionManager to form the edge segments into a group. SelectionManager enables you to select portions of a single sketch or to combine elements such as sketch, edge, and curve into a single selection for use as a profile or guide curve for Boundary or Loft features. The interface for the Boundary Surface is shown in Figure 27.4. The types of models where you end up using the Boundary Surface are highly curvy models that are modeled mainly with surface features, and require a four-sided patch. The main advantage of Boundary Surface over Loft is that Boundary Surface can apply a Curvature boundary condition all the way around, while Loft cannot apply curvature on the guide curves. Fill surfaces also can apply a Curvature boundary condition all the way around. Boundary Surface can be a rather nuanced feature, but when working on the type of model that suits it well, I default to Boundary surfaces when possible. Boundary solid features are now also available, and I expect these will also take a little bit of a learning curve to understand where they are best applied.
You cannot change part dimensions when animating. You cannot use features like the Flex to bend parts for an animation. If you can t do any of this, how do you make parts flex during an animation This calls for another workaround, but it is the only way to actually make parts change shape with the MotionManager. You have to find a way to model the part such that you can make the changes using distance and angle mates in an assembly. That means that you have to do in-context modeling. A lot of people treat in-context modeling as if it is some terrible infectious disease, but as I pointed out in 16, it is nothing to be afraid of if you know how to handle it. Still, when you re flexing parts with in-context tricks, it is best if you can keep it simple. Figure 33.20 shows an assembly that uses this technique to twist the strap as the fork rotates. The assembly used to create this animation is on the CD-ROM, and is called 33 yoke link.sldasm. The finished movie file is also on the CD-ROM, and is called 33 yoke link.avi.
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