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While software options are available to provide behavior similar to RAID, they are not as efficient as utilizing RAID-specific hardware solutions. The software solutions tie up CPU cycles to perform the RAID activities that could be used for server processing.
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Figure 17.27 shows the progression from a plate with holes in an assembly. In this example, you would select the edges of the holes, then select a fastener, and then choose Insert Into Assembly from the right-mouse button menu, to fully populate the part.
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Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley not only requires that data is secure, but that any changes in data ownership and access restrictions are documented.
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Freq., GHz (a) On Smith chart (b) By rectangular coordination, dB
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Data Source View
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Appendix B: Template Tags
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Patterning a sketch
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The model used for this image can be found on the CD-ROM, with the filename 7 Plastic Cover Fillets.sldprt.
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