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5.1 Enabling Technologies 75 5.2 Advantages and Disadvantages for Deploying Hotspots 76 5.3 Wireless ISP Roaming 77 5.4 WISPr Operation 79 5.5 Components of Wi-Fi Hotspot Chain 79 5.6 Wi-Fi ISPs 80 5.7 Wi-Fi/Cellphone Network Integration 81 5.8 Case Study: Public Wireless LAN for Mobile Operators Wireless LAN Beyond the Enterprise 82 5.8.1 Introduction 83 5.8.2 Choosing Terminals for Public Wireless LAN Access 83 5.8.3 Public Wireless LAN Market Forecasts 84 5.8.4 The Business Model for Mobile Operators 84 5.8.5 Public Wireless LAN Applications 85 5.8.6 Alcatel Solution for Mobile Operators 86 5.8.7 Key Features of the Alcatel Solution 88 Security 88 Session Continuity 90 Roaming 90 IP roaming 90 GSM Roaming 91 Billing 92 5.8.8 Conclusions 93 5.9 Summary 94 References 94 6 Market Segmentation and Analysis 6.1 Major Events in 2002 98 6.1.1 802.11b Brings Low Cost and Value to the Table 101 6.1.2 Varied Technologies for Different Types of Users 101 6.1.3 Wi-Fi Everywhere 101 6.2 Trends for 2003 101 6.3 The Price War Continues 102 6.4 Wireless LAN Market in the Asia-Pacific Region 104 97
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FIGURE B.72 The Leader Override options
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Note: AFSN, affected subsystem number; AFPC, affected point code; US, user (subsystem) status; SPS, signaling point status; SMI, subsystem multiplicity indicator. Source: Rec. Q.711. Courtesy of ITU-T.
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Figure 2.5: Numerical mean BERand BPS performance of the wideband equalisedAQAM scheme for the High-BER and Low-BER regime over theCOST207 TU Rayleigh fading channel.
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FIGURE 24.25 The Z-rotation axis is also called the N axis.
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grounding, the return currents will be coupled magnetically on the path from every branch to the negative terminal of DC power supply. Usually the return current has complicated paths because it ows over the entire ground surface in a circuit block. Should the entire ground surface be equipotential, the return current coupling would disappear. In short, there will be no current coupling problems if the ground surface is perfectly equipotential. In reality, un-equipotentiality exists more or less on the ground surface. Therefore, reduction or removal of forward and return current coupling becomes an important subject in RF circuit design. Figure 15.12 creates images of the forward and return currents which are more semblant of actual performance. The forward current ows from the positive pole of the DC power supply to the circuitry through a cable or a wire. The return current ows from the circuitry toward the negative pole or ground of the DC power supply spread over the entire ground surface. From Figure 15.12, it can be seen that the four forward sub-currents owing into the four branches of circuitry are coupled together in a cable or a wire, while the four return sub-currents returning to the DC power supply are spread and coupled over the entire ground surface. In reality, the return currents owing on the PCB form a complicated pattern, depending on the placement of parts and the arrangement of the ground areas. The current coupling between adjacent branches is a kind of magnetic cross-talk. Signals from different branches coupling with each other in either the forward
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Angle. You can create the angle dimension one of two ways. If the angle to be driven is between two straight lines, simply select the two straight lines and place the dimension. If you are creating an included angle dimension for an arc where there are not necessarily any straight lines drawn, then with the Smart Dimension tool active, first select the vertex of the angle, and then the two outlying points, as shown in Figure 3.3.
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You wonder what 'more regular' might mean for a polygon: it seems about time that this vague expression was made clearer and less ambiguous - turn to Frame 23. You decide to try to prove that the hexagon is indeed sense becoming 'more regular' - turn to Frame 24.
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Understanding DNS Architecture
Web Development with the Mac
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