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The solid profile cut sweep has a few limitations that I need to mention:
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D1 framing, developed in 1962, robbed the Least Signi cant Bit (LSB) the eighth bit in each channel of each frame in order to insert a signaling bit in the form of alternating 1 s and 0 s. Although T1 and PCM are designed around the interleaving of eight-bit bytes, bit robbing does not affect the quality of digitized voice because seven bits are satisfactory for reconstructing a highquality approximation of the analog voice input. By truncating an eight-bit value, however, data are seriously impacted; the integrity of the data stream is violated as well. (Imagine the impact of a bit change that converts a decimal point to a comma during the transmission of a nancial transaction.) In order to avoid this impact, the data always avoid the eighth bit in every channel, thereby limiting data transmission to 56 kbps. While D1 framing no longer is used, the LSB still is robbed, even in the contemporary D4 framing technique. Therefore, data transmission remains constrained to 56 kbps in many carrier networks. D2 framing, was used to create a superframe, a 12-bit pattern in the F (Framing) bit position, that is, for framing locators. Information was transmitted in a 12frame sequence or superframe. D2 framing is considered obsolete. D3 framing, which is still in use, assumes that all inputs whether voice or data are analog. It uses a superframe format and sequence bits.
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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3.2.2 Potential Benefitsof Antenna Arrays in Mobile Communications
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extend the radius of the CSA through the deployment of intelligent remote COs, unintelligent remote line shelves, or Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) systems, which essentially are remote time division multiplexers. The various remotes connect to the centralized CO through high-capacity circuits. Should signi cant volumes of traf c be exchanged directly between COs, they may be directly interconnected. More commonly, they are interconnected through tandem switches. Class 4 of ces are tandem toll centers, which serve to interconnect Class 5 of ces not interconnected directly. As the lowest class of toll center, these also serve as the rst point of entry to the long-distance, or toll, network. Class 4 of ces are interconnected within a relatively local toll network and provide access to higher order toll centers. In many instances, a Class 4 of ce also serves as a Class 5 of ce; in other words, a hybrid Class 4/5 switch serves as both a Class 4 tandem toll of ce and a Class 5 CO, with the separate functions provided through logical and physical partitioning within the switch. Approximately 1500 tandem toll centers existed in North America prior to AT&T s divestiture of the BOCs. It is uncertain how many of them remain. Class 3 of ces, or primary toll centers, are higher order toll centers, generally serving to connect Class 4 of ces for intrastate toll calling. Class 3 of ces typically serve to interconnect independent telcos and BOCs. Approximately 200 such of ces existed prior to divestiture. It is likely that most, if not all, have now been decommissioned. Class 2 of ces, or sectional toll centers, serve to interconnect primary toll centers, largely for interstate calling within a geographic region such as the northeast or the southwest. Approximately 67 sectional toll centers existed in the AT&T network prior to divestiture. It is likely that most, if not all, have now been decommissioned. Class 1 of ces, or regional toll centers, serve to interconnect sectional toll centers in support of interregional calling. There were 10 regional toll centers in place in the United States prior to divestiture. At the end of 2001, 7 remained in the United States and 2 in Canada. It is likely that most, if not all, have now been decommissioned.
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W ireless Communications, Second Edition Andreas F. Molisch 2011 John Wiley & Sons Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-470-74187-0
Table 27-1: Non-Inherited Members of ButtonBase Table 27-2: Non-Inherited Members of ListControl Table 27-3: Non-Inherited Members of ScrollableControl Table 27-4: Non-Inherited Members of the Menu Class Table 27-5: Non-Inherited Members of the ScrollBar Class Table 27-6: Non-Inherited Methods of the TextBoxBase Class Table 27-7: Non-Inherited Members of the ContainerControl Class Table 27-8: Non-Inherited Members of the UpDownBase Class Table 27-9: Non-Inherited Members of the Button Control Table 27-10: Non-Inherited Members of the CheckBox Control Table 27-11: Non-Inherited Members of the CheckedListBox Control Table 27-12: Non-Inherited Members of the ComboBox Control Table 27-13: Non-Inherited Members of the ContextMenu Control Table 27-14: Non-Inherited Members of the DataGrid Control Table 27-15: Non-Inherited Members of the DateTimePicker Control Table 27-16: Non-Inherited Members of the DomainUpDown Control Table 27-17: Non-Inherited Members of the ListBox Control Table 27-18: Non-Inherited Members of the ListView Control Table 27-19: Non-Inherited Members of the MainMenu Control Table 27-20: Non-Inherited Members of the MonthCalendar Control Table 27-21: Non-Inherited Members of the NumericUpDown Control Table 27-22: Non-Inherited Members of the PropertyGrid Control Table 27-23: Non-Inherited Members of the RadioButton Control Table 27-24: Non-Inherited Members of the RichTextBox Control Table 27-25: Non-Inherited Members of the TextBox Control Table 27-26: Non-Inherited Members of the Timer Control Table 27-27: Non-Inherited Members of the ToolBar Control Table 27-28: Non-Inherited Members of the TrackBar Control Table 27-29: Non-Inherited Members of the TreeView Control Table 27-30: Non-Inherited Members of the Form Control Table 27-31: Non-Inherited Member of the GroupBox Control Table 27-32: Non-Inherited Members of the Label Control Table 27-33: Non-Inherited Members of the LinkLabel Control Table 27-34: Non-Inherited Member of the Panel Control Table 27-35: Non-Inherited Members of the PictureBox Control Table 27-36: Non-Inherited Members of the ProgressBar Control Table 27-37: Non-Inherited Members of the Splitter Control Table 27-38: Non-Inherited Members of the StatusBar Control Table 27-39: Non-Inherited Members of the TabControl Control Table 27-40: Non-Inherited Members of the ToolTip Control Table 27-41: Non-Inherited Members of the CommonDialog Control Table 27-42: Non-Inherited Members of the ColorDialog Control Table 27-43: Non-Inherited Members of the FileDialog Control Table 27-44: Non-Inherited Members of the FontDialog Control Table 27-45: Non-Inherited Members of the OpenFileDialog Control Table 27-46: Non-Inherited Members of the PageSetupDialog Control Table 27-47: Non-Inherited Members of the PrintDialog Control Table 27-48: Non-Inherited Members of the SaveFileDialog Control Table 27-49: Non-Inherited Members of the ImageList Control
Settings in Tools Options Performance can greatly affect rebuild speed if curvature display data is regenerated for each part rebuild. You should leave this setting at the default setting, which is Only On Demand.
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