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An Overview of disk structure FAT16 and FAT32
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Figure 3.8 Low frequency equivalent circuit.
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The OrderDetail table from the OBX Kites sample database includes a calculated column for the extended price, as shown in the following abbreviated code:
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This part is included on the CD-ROM with the name 29 wrap.sldprt.
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Using the Pictures library to store digital photos and other images Using Windows Live Photo Gallery to organize your photo collection Customizing how your photos are displayed in Windows Live Photo Gallery Personalizing photos with tags, captions, faces, and ratings Importing photos from a smart phone, camera, memory card, scanner, or data disc Editing photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery Creating photo slide shows on your PC Sharing photos with CDs and DVDs Going old school: Ordering photo prints Sharing photos via e mail Sharing photos online with Windows Live and other photo services
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FIGURE 9.7 The Windows Help and Support window
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<Directory /www> Options Includes Indexes FollowSymLinks </Directory>
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sider having network wiring run to each room that you plan to put under construction (well, except the smallest ones). Wiring a house while it s being built or remodeled is comparatively cheap, plus it may raise the value of your property. If you do this, think about running cable for audio equipment, as well.
The Zune PC software is free: You can download it, check it out, and dump Windows Media Player entirely if you d like. Ditto for Zune Marketplace and Zune Social: While you do have to link your Zune tag to a Windows Live ID, both services can at least be accessed free. Of course, you ll need to spend some money if you want to buy music at Zune Marketplace. The biggest investment you re going to make on the Zune platform occurs when and if you decide to go all in and snag a Zune portable media player. These devices, which compete with various Apple iPod models, are not inexpensive. They re high-quality, competitive devices, and if you like what you ve seen with the Zune software and services, you re probably going to enjoy the Zune hardware too. The current generation of Zune hardware is the second that Microsoft has offered in the market. Whereas the first-generation Zune platform included just a single hardware device the 30GB Zune 30 player (see Figure 14-38), the second generation expands into a more complete product lineup. Interestingly, Microsoft didn t actually replace its Zune 30 player with a new model. Instead, it augmented that player with other new models and added new capabilities that are available on all players, old and new. (Microsoft no longer sells the Zune 30, however.)
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Windows ReadyBoost
AB.3 The Import window in Bridge
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