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Figure 5.3.9 X-ray spectra from thermoelectrically cooled detectors. (a) Paper analysis with a 55 Fe source and Si-PIN detector;8 (b) low-energy X-ray spectrum collected with a SDD;11 (c) lead uorescence with a CdZnTe8 (with permission of Amptek and Roentec)
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Table 20-2:
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One of the problems with using the component description is shown in Figure 12.13, where the user did not enter proper descriptions for the parts, and SolidWorks used the default description in the templates. The tire and spokes use configurations, which display in the figure.
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encoder receives information about corrupt areas of the picture from the decoder, e.g., at the slice level, and then alters its operation by choosing a noncorrupted reference for prediction or applying intracoding to the current data. In a similar spirit, the support for multiple reference pictures in H.264/AVC could be used to achieve temporal localization as well. Data Partitioning The objective of data partitioning is to group coded data according to relative importance to allow for unequal error protection or transport prioritization as discussed in the previous subsection. Data partition techniques have been developed to group together coded bits according to their importance to the decoding such that different groups may be more effectively protected or handled. For example, during the bitstream transmission over a single channel system, the more important partitions can be better protected with stronger channel codes than the less important partitions. Alternatively, with a multichannel system, the more important partitions could be transmitted over the more reliable channel. In MPEG-2, data partitioning divides the coded bitstream into two parts: a high-priority partition and low-priority partition. The high-priority partition includes picture type, quantization scale, and motion vector ranges, without which the rest of the bitstream is not decodable. It may also include some MB header elds and DCT coef cients. The low-priority partition contains everything else. In MPEG-4, the data partitioning is achieved by separating the motion and MB header information away from the texture information. This approach requires that a second resynchronization between motion and texture information, which may further help localize the error. For instance, if the texture information is lost, the motion information may still be used to conceal these errors. Redundant Coding With this approach, segments of the video signal or syntactic elements of the bitstream are coded with added redundancy to enable robust decoding. The redundancy may be added explicitly, such as with the Redundant Slices tool, or implicitly in the coding scheme, as with Reversible Variable Length Codes (RVLC) and Multiple Description Coding (MDC). RVLC has been developed for the purpose of data recovery at the receiver. Using this tool, the VLC are designed so that they can be read both in the forward and reverse directions. This allows the bitstream to be decoded backward from the next synchronization marker until the point of error. Examples of 3-bit codewords that satisfy this requirement include 111, 101, 010. It is obvious that this approach will reduce the coding ef ciency compared with using normal VLC due to the constraints imposed in constructing the RVLC tables, which is the primary reason we classify the RVLC approach as a redundant coding technique. It also shares the bene t with other tools that robust decoding could be performed. However, since this tool is designed to recover from bit errors, it is not helpful for packet-erasure channels. RVLC has been adopted to both H.263 and MPEG-4 Part 2 standards. MDC encodes a source with multiple bitstreams such that a basic-quality reconstruction is achieved if any one of them is correctly received, while enhanced-quality reconstructions are achieved if more than one of them is correctly received. With MDC, the redundancy may be controlled by the amount of correlation between descriptions. Generally, MDC video streams are suitable for delivery over multiple independent channels in which the probability of failure over one or more channels is likely. Some limited forms of MDC can be achieved with H.264/AVC. Redundant slice is a new tool adopted into the H.264/AVC standard that allows for different representations of the same source data to be coded using different encoding parameters. For instance, the primary slice may be coded with a ne quantization, while the redundant slice may be coded with a coarse quantization. If the primary slice is received, the redundant slice is discarded, but if
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1: Installing Windows Vista
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The third tab in the lineup is the Reports tab. From this tab, you can view the available reports that Yahoo! provides (shown in Figure 10-8), but you cannot create custom reports. The extent of the customization that you can achieve is changing the date ranges to something other than the default.
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Z. Ding, R. A. Kennedy, B. D. 0. Anderson, and C. R. Johnson Jr, Ill-Convergence of Godard Blind Equalizers in DataCommunication Systems, IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 39, pp. 1313-1 327, September 1991. Bell Systems TechJ. E. Mazo, Analysis of decision-directed equalizer convergence, nical Journal, 1980.
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Appropriate multi-body uses
believable. And the statement is a lot better than just saying, BluBlocker sunglasses let you see clearer, sharper and with more de nition. If you re describing a product that is designed for the circulatory functions of the body, you can talk about 242 miles of blood vessels instead of miles of blood vessels. When you talk about the bottom of your feet, instead of saying, There are a lot of nerve endings at the bottom of your feet, you can say, There are 72,000 nerve endings at the bottom of your feet. You are stating a fact as opposed to a general or vague statement. You are more believable.
This output tells you that the replica is active (a), has been selected for input (m), and has been patched in the kernel (p). The value 16 is the block address, and 8192 is the size in blocks. /dev/dsk/c0t1d0s4 is the partition where this replica is stored. The possible keys are listed in Table 11.4. Replicas can be deleted with the metadb -d command (e.g., metadb -d -f c0t1d0s4).
Got a Mac You re really out of luck, then. You cannot access BitLocker To Go protected devices from Mac OS X at all.
Figure 21-14: Manage Your Feeds helps you configure RSS feed settings and manually subscribe to new feeds.
Discrete Fourier transform (DFT) (continued) embedded modules on IC, system-on-chip concepts, 634-635 Dispersion relationship, band structure, 152-160 Disturb failures, floating-gate memory arrays, 424-426 Divided word line (DWL) structure, SRAM (static random access memory) architecture, 368-369 DMOS transistors, smart power circuits, 259-261 Dopant control, advanced MOSFET structures, 133-135 Doping profiles: state-of-the-art bulk MOSFET, 132-133 system-on-chip technology limits, systematic and random mismatch, 646 Double-balanced mixer design, CMOS technology, radiofrequency (RF) circuits, 511-513 Double-gated (DG) FET, advanced MOSFET structures, 134-136 Double heterojunction bipolar transistor (DHBT), narrow-bandgap base, 64-65 Double-poly transistor, self-adjusted transistor structures, inside spacer, 53-55 Double solid-phase epitaxy (DSPE) technique, silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) material, 223 Drain capacitance: floating-gate memory arrays, NAND cell, 414-417 SOI MOSFET, 230 Drain current models: digital switching, CMOS technology, static inverter, 480-481 first-order MOSFET models: one-dimensional drain current model, 75-76 strong inversion approximation, 79-82 high-speed digital applications, noise parameters, 609-616 MOSFET parasitic effects: gate-induced drain leakage (GIDL), 119-124 output resistance, 128-130 MOSFETs, short-channel effects, 89-97 Drain engineering: hot-carrier structure, 311 -312 MOSFET parasitic effects, hot carriers, 118-119 Drain extension, byte-alterable E2PROMs, floating-gate tunnel oxide (FLOTOX), 402-406 Drain-induced barrier lowering (DIBL): high-speed digital applications, short-channel effects (SCE), 556
You can prevent a feature from automatically combining with other bodies by deselecting the Merge Result option. This holds true between features, but not across all bodies in a part. For example, if an extrude feature uses the Merge result option, all the bodies that it touches become merged together, but if the original extrude feature does not touch a body, it will not be merged. This option is shown in Figure 26.15 and is found on all features that create new solid bodies except for the Patterns, Rib, and Move/Copy Bodies features.
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