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Understanding HTML Server controls Building XHTML-compliant code Common tag attributes Programming against HTML Server controls Creating an HTML Server control in Design mode
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Figure 1.15: Receiver structure of PSA decision-directed channel estimation.
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It is easy to tell which cursor symbols will result in an automatic sketch relation being applied. If the background of the symbol turns yellow, then the relation will be applied. If the background remains white, then no relation will be applied. For example, in Figure B.23, the horizontal relation will be applied, but the vertical relation is only implied.
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The SketchXpert, shown in Figure 6.3, can help you to diagnose and repair complex sketch relation problems. The Diagnose button at the top creates several possible solutions that you can toggle through using the forward and backward arrow buttons in the Results panel. The Manual Repair button displays all of the relations with errors in a window and allows you to delete them manually. By selecting the option at the very bottom of the dialog box, you can make the SketchXpert display any time that a sketch error occurs. To display the SketchXpert manually instead of automatically, you can access it by right-clicking in a sketch.
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Qiang Yang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China Machine Learning and Data Mining on the Web A. Neil Yerkey University at Buffalo Databases on the Web Clement Yu University of Illinois at Chicago Web Search Technology Daniel Dajun Zeng University of Arizona Intelligent Agents Yan-Qing Zhang Georgia State University Fuzzy Logic Xiaobo Zhou University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Load Balancing on the Internet Donald E. Zimmerman Colorado State University Usability Testing: An Evaluation Process for Internet Communications
It should be noted that in the derivation of (1.107), the resistor Rc in the second CB stage and the load RL are ignored. Of course, they can never be neglected in RF circuit design. From equation (1.109) it can be found that the CE-CB cascade ampli er displays an output resistance about times higher than that in the CE stage alone. Now let us consider the voltage and current gain. The voltage gain of the rst CE stage Av1 is not that expected from a normal CE stage, Av1 = gm1ro1. The output resistor ro1 of the rst CE stage is connected with
Ref. 63.)
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Part VI: Using Advanced Techniques
Part III Developing with SQL Server
When you model something round that rolls, it is very tempting to call it Wheel.SLDPRT. It is also tempting to call something that sits on the bottom, Base.SLDPRT, or something on top, Cover.SLDPRT. This turns out to be poor practice. Descriptive names have the tendency to be duplicated the next time you make a similar part with a similar function. This kind of carelessness has caused me many problems. For example, I used to work for resellers, and had a lot of demonstration files on my computer. The demonstration files came from a variety of sources: some I had built, some were from customers, and some were from the SolidWorks Corporation. Once, during a file management presentation, I did a search on my computer for all of the parts named Cover. I found about 150 parts. One session of SolidWorks cannot have two different files with the same filename open at the same time. You can have two different Base parts open at once, but they have to be in two different sessions of SolidWorks. If they are in different subassemblies that are used in the same top-level assembly, the first one to load is going to be used in both instances.
Disappearing Boundaries
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