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If you run System Restore after having cleaned a virus or trojan horse from your machine, System Restore can unfortunately restore that infected file on your machine. Most antivirus software manufacturers recommend disabling System Restore temporarily when specifically running their programs to remove malware. Each case is different, however, and you need to follow instructions explicitly for malware removal as provided by your software manufacturer. After virus removal, run an online scan of your machine to verify that your system is clean and then create a new restore point.
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Service Control Point (SCP). SCF maps into SCP. Service Data Point (SDP). SDF maps into SDP.
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Generic Procedure Steps to perform the measurements are listed in the following table. The left column lists the actions to be performed, and the right column lists the motivation for taking each step and provides additional background information in some cases.
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Directory Traffic Considerations and Management
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connections, and you can have only one Web site running on your server. These limitations shouldn t be a problem; when you create a prototype you are designing the look and feel, or testing basic Web site functionality, and not testing capacity or server stability. If you intend to run IIS on your desktop and make it a public Web site, you must do the following:
A little more weight reduction.
Part VIII: Appendixes
This isn t the fi rst version of Office that Microsoft has released for its smart phone OS,
Step 3: Use Your Body
45. Hata, K.; Futaba, D. N.; Mizuno, K.; Namai, T.; Yumura, M.; Iijima, S. 2004. Water-assisted highly ef cient synthesis of impurity-free single-walled, carbon nanotubes. Science 306:1362 1364. 46. Brus, L. 1986. Electronic wave functions in semiconductor clusters: Experiment and theory. J. Phys. Chem. 90:2555 2560. 47. Efros, Al. L.; Efros, A. L. 1982. Interband absorption of light in a semiconductor sphere. Sov. Phys. Semicond. 16:772 775. 48. Coe, S.; Woo, W.-K.; Bawendi, M. B.; Bulovic, V. 2002. Electroluminescence from single monolayers of nanocrystals in molecular organic devices. Nature 420:800 803. 49. Bruchez, M. P.; Moronne, M.; Gin, P.; Weiss, S.; Alivisatos, A. P. 1998. Semiconductor nanocrystals as uorescent biological labels. Science 281: 2013 2016. 50. Klajn, R.; Bishop, K. J. M.; Fialkowski, M.; Paszewski, M.; Campbell, C. J.; Gray, T. P.; Grzybowski, B. A. 2007. Plastic and moldable metals by self-assembly of sticky nanoparticle aggregates. Science 316:261 264. 51. Buffat, P.; Borel, J.-P. 1976. Size effect on melting temperature of gold particles. Phys. Rev. A 13:2287 2298. 52. Goldstein, A. N.; Echer, C. M.; Alivisatos, A. P. 1992. Melting in semiconductor nanocrystals. Science 256:1425 1427. 53. Wu, Y.; Li, Y.; Ong, B. S.; Liu, P.; Gardner, S. 2005. High-performance organic thin- lm transistors with solution-printed gold contacts. Adv. Mater. 17: 184 187. 54. Wu, Y.; Li, Y.; Ong, B. S. 2006. Printed silver ohmic contacts for high-mobility organic thin- lm transistors. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128:4202 4203. 55. Ridley, B. R.; Nivi, B.; Jacobson, J. M. 1999. All-inorganic eld effect transistors fabricated by printing. Science 286:746 749. 56. Kim, H.; Cho, K.; Kim, D.-W.; Lee, H.-R.; Kim, S. 2006. Bottom-and top-gate eld-effect thin- lm transistors with p channels of sintered HgTe nanocrystals. Appl. Phys. Lett. 89:173107 173110. 57. Murray, C. B.; Shevchenko, E.; Talapin, D. V. 2007. U.S. Patent 20070057255. 58. Nozik, A. J. 2002. Quantum dot solar cells. Physica E 14:115 120. 59. Gur, I.; Fromer, N. A.; Geier, M. L.; Alivisatos, A. P. 2005. Air-stable all-inorganic nanocrystal solar cells processed from solution. Science 310:462 465. 60. Talapin, D. V.; Shevchenko, E. V.; Kornowski, A.; Gaponik, N.; Haase, M.; Rogach, A. L.; Weller, H. 2001. A new approach to crystallization of CdSe nanoparticles into ordered three-dimensional superlattices. Adv. Mater. 13: 1868 1871. 61. Murray, C. B.; Kagan, C. R.; Bawendi, M. G. 1995. Self-organization of CdSe nanocrystallites into three-dimensional quantum dot superlattices. Science 270: 1335 1338. 62. Bolhuis, P. G.; Frenkel, D.; Mau, S.-C.; Huse, D. A. 1997. Entropy difference between crystal phases. Nature 388:235 236.
Multi-select works here as it does elsewhere in Windows: you can Ctrl+click each item you wish to include. Or, you can single-click the new check box that appears in the upper-left corner of each picture thumbnail, as shown in Figure 4-13. When you do select two or more items, some new options become available at the bottom of the Desktop Background window. You can determine how often the images change (30 minutes is the default), whether to shuffle them so that they display in a random order, and whether to disable the slide show when on battery power in order to save power.
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Domain name and DNS servers
Figure 9-13: The Evolution Address Book Contacts window.
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