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CONTENTS HTML/XHTML (HyperText Markup Language/Extensible HyperText Markup Language) Mark Michael Human Factors and Ergonomics Robert W. Proctor and Kim-Phuong L. Vu Human Resources Management Dianna L. Stone, Eduardo Salas, and Linda C. Isenhour Information Quality in Internet and E-business Environments Larry P. English Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): Narrowband and Broadband Services and Applications John S. Thompson Intelligent Agents Daniel Dajun Zeng and Mark E. Nissen Interactive Multimedia on the Web Borko Furht and Oge Marques International Cyberlaw Julia Alpert Gladstone International Supply Chain Management Gary LaPoint and Scott Webster Internet Architecture Graham Knight Internet Censorship Julie Hersberger Internet Etiquette (Netiquette) Joseph M. Kayany Internet Literacy Hossein Bidgoli Internet Navigation (Basics, Services, and Portals) Pratap Reddy Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Paul L. Witt Internet Security Standards Raymond R. Panko Internet2 Linda S. Bruenjes, Carolyn J. Siccama, and John LeBaron Intranets William T. Schiano Intrusion Detection Techniques Peng Ning and Sushil Jajodia Inventory Management Janice E. Carrillo, Michael A. Carrillo, and Anand Paul 233 Java Judith C. Simon and Charles J. Campbell 124 JavaBeans and Software Architecture Nenad Medvidovic and Nikunj R. Mehta JavaScript Constantine Roussos JavaServer Pages (JSP) Frederick Pratter Knowledge Management Ronald R. Tidd Law Enforcement Robert Vaughn and Judith C. Simon 180 Law Firms Victoria S. Dennis and Judith C. Simon Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues Kenneth Einar Himma Library Management Clara L. Sitter Linux Operating System Charles Abzug Load Balancing on the Internet Jianbin Wei, Cheng-Zhong Xu, and Xiaobo Zhou Local Area Networks Wayne C. Summers Machine Learning and Data Mining on the Web Qiang Yang Managing a Network Environment Haniph A. Latchman and Jordan Walters Managing the Flow of Materials Across the Supply Chain Matthias Holweg and Nick Rich Marketing Communication Strategies Judy Strauss Marketing Plans for E-commerce Projects Malu Roldan Medical Care Delivery Steven D. Schwaitzberg Middleware Robert Simon 346 Mobile Commerce Mary J. Cronin 355 Mobile Devices and Protocols Julie R. Mariga and Benjamin R. Pobanz 368 Mobile Operating Systems and Applications Julie R. Mariga
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Name .com .edu .gov .mil .net .org .us .ca .de (other country codes) Description U.S. commercial organizations U.S. educational institutions U.S. government organizations U.S. military sites U.S. Internet providers U.S. nonprofit organizations Other U.S. organizations Canadian organizations German organizations Other countries organizations
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component is, the better will be the performance of the mobile receiver when it is close to the base station. The situation is different for the base station receiver. It must receive signals from all of the mobiles in the cell. If it raises its gain to receive a weak signal from a distant mobile, it will be jammed by a nearby mobile. If it reduces its gain to properly receive the signal from a nearby mobile, it will not be able to receive the signal from a distant mobile. Therefore, the base station tells each mobile using control instructions to continuously raise or lower its transmitter power, so that the signals from all mobiles will be at the same power level in the base station receiver regardless of where they are located in the cell. s describing the different receiver components are as follows: 22 discusses RF lters 23 discusses LNAs and de nes gain, noise gure, and intermodulation products 24 discusses mixers 25 discusses measurement of noise gure 26 discusses measurement of intermodulation products 27 discusses overall system performance
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If homegroups are too simple (or too earthy-crunchy) for your tastes, or if you simply want to share files and folders on your Windows 7 based PCs with PCs that are running earlier versions of Windows, fear not: you can still access the old-school network-based sharing technologies that have been available in previous Windows versions for years. In fact, they work much like they did in both Windows XP and Vista: you can choose between a simple, wizard-based sharing mechanism or a slightly more complicated, but much more capable (and, let s face it, really old school) method. By default, Windows 7 is configured so that folder sharing requires password protection. For example, if you configured a user named Paul with the password 123 on a computer named PC-A and have likewise configured a user named Paul with no password (or a different password) on a computer named PC-B, the user Paul on PC-B won t be able to access any folders shared by Paul on PC-A unless he provides the appropriate logon information when prompted. To bypass this issue, it s best to use passwords for all accounts on all PCs and use the same password when you configure identically named accounts on different PCs.
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Generic Practices
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Cursor Strategies
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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1. What are the hardware requirements needed to install Vista 2. What kind of guidance is there for installing a new operating system 3. How do you get your machine ready to install Vista 4. What are the five different versions of Windows Vista 5. How do you choose the right version of Vista 6. What if I have an older PC 7. How much RAM do you need to run Vista 8. Do you need a special video card to use Vista
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