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Using Vista s Search Features
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With the advent of Windows Home Server, Microsoft now offers multiple levels of backup protection to Windows users. Windows 7 features the Backup and Restore control panel, for image-based backup of the entire PC as well as more typical file backup. Windows 7 also includes Previous Versions, a way to retrieve older versions of documents and other files directly from the file system, as well as tools such as System Restore. (These tools are all described in s 24 and 25.) Windows Home Server offers another level of backup protection via its PC Backup functionality. This Windows Home Server feature provides a centralized backup solution that
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Although not required, in the Listing 22-10 example, you created the Select Command object prior to creating the DataAdapter. Then, when you created the DataAdapter, you passed the Select Command to the constructor. The DataAdapter constructor provides a number of overloads that allow you to optimize how you create a DataAdapter, and the one you use becomes a thing of personal preference as well as a factor of how much code you wish to write. Listing 22-10 also makes use of the DataAdapter Fill command that is one of the only three points of interaction between a DataSet and a DataAdapter. The Fill command serves the purpose of executing the Select command against the database and populating the appropriate DataTable in the DataSet with the results of the query. You see the results of the fill later when you examine the details of a DataSet. The FillSchema method is used primarily to configure a DataTable within a particular DataSet with the database-specific schema and constraint information before actually filling a DataTable using the DataAdapter. For example, certain database constraint information, such as primary key information, must be known by a DataTable before it can successfully update or delete information. Without a primary key, it cannot find the appropriate rows to perform these actions on. Because this type of information needs to be added to the schema of a particular DataTable, four methods exist for adding it: As noted in the previous chapter, you can specify it at design time in the XML schema document loaded into the DataSet. You can infer the schema from an existing XML document. You can fill it using the FillSchema method, which uses the SQL statement specified in the SelectCommand object to derive the
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The Modify Sketch tool is still one of my favorite sketch editing tools to use because it is straightforward and doesn t do anything unexpected. It was also an original SolidWorks development, not a tool meant to duplicate existing AutoCAD functionality like some of the previously mentioned sketch tools. The one thing about Modify Sketch that many people find unsettling is that the red sketch origin moves and rotates along with the rest of the sketch. Once you make peace with the fact that you can t use the red sketch origin for much anyway, this becomes unimportant.
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7. Exit the assembly and, in the part file, save it to a folder in your Design Library. If you do not know where your Design Library is located, then select Tools Options File Locations Design Library. 8. Display the part in the Design Library panel of the Task pane. 9. Open the part from the CD-ROM with the filename 19 Tutorial Plate. sldprt. Place this part into a new assembly. 10. Drag the Tutorial Start (Smart Component) from the Design Library into the assembly, and move the part over the holes in the plate. As you drag the part up and down the row of holes, the part changes sizes to match each hole. Figure 19.19 shows all the holes that are populated with the matching Smart Component sizes, as driven by the configurator table. 11. To edit the configurator table, open the Smart Component part in its own window. Then right-click the Smart Feature folder and select Open In Defining Assembly. 12. An assembly opens that was created from the data stored in the part. Click the Edit Definition button that appears in the upper-right corner of the graphics window.
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Mean Carried Teletraffic (Erlangs/km2/h4Hz)
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Figure 5.11 Emitter-to-collector current, 1,, (a) flowing from emitter to collector in the lateral bipolar transistor with no applied gate bias, and (b) the different current components flowing from source (emitter) to drain (collector) when a gate bias is applied to both gate and base: the MOS channel current, lch, a bipolar cu -rent component collected by the channel, Icl, and a bipolar current component flowing from -mitter to collector, 1c2.
#!/bin/bash # using the backtick character testing=`date` echo The date and time are: $testing
3GPP Long-Term Evolution
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The Font page of Style Builder allows you to specify the font names and/or families. Other font characteristics that can be changed on this page include font color and size. You can make text italic- bold- uppercase- or lowercase.
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