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You normally don t have to worry about lubricating laser printers. If you hear squealing and screeching and groaning, ten to one it s your toner cartridge, and the noise will go away when you replace it. However, if you have an old printer or one that sees a lot of use, you can sparingly apply a few drops of light machine oil to the gears and cogs that drive the various drums and rollers (see Figure 5.19). I like to clean the gears first with a cotton swab; otherwise, adding oil can create a sticky goo. Inkjet printers are a different breed, and they do sometimes require a bit of lubricating. The printhead slides back and forth across a metal rod that must be clean and lightly oiled, or else the printhead will stick slightly as it moves across the page, resulting in poor quality printouts. I suggest you clean the slider rail first as thoroughly as you can, then apply a thin film of light machine oil with a cloth, as shown in Figure 5.20. Don t use a paper towel: they can leave paper fibers behind.
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Horizontally and vertically polarized MPCs propagate differently in a wireless channel,6 as the re ection and diffraction processes depend on polarization (see s 4 and 7). Even if the transmit antenna only sends signals with a single polarization, the propagation effects in the channel lead to depolarization so that both polarizations arrive at the RX. The fading of signals with different polarizations is statistically independent. Thus, receiving both polarizations using a dual-polarized antenna, and processing the signals separately, offers diversity. This diversity can be obtained without any requirement for a minimum distance between antenna elements. Let us now consider more closely the situation where the transmit signal is vertically polarized, while the signal is received in both vertical and horizontal polarization. In that case, fading of the two received signals is independent, but the average received signal strength in the two diversity branches is not identical. Depending on the environment, the horizontal (i.e., cross-polarized) component is some 3 20 dB weaker than the vertical (co-polarized) component. As we will see later on, this has an important impact on the effectiveness of the diversity scheme. Various antenna arrangements have been proposed in order to mitigate this problem. It has also been claimed that the diversity order that can be achieved with polarization diversity is up to 6: three possible components of the E- eld and three components of the H- eld can all be exploited [Andrews et al. 2001].7 However, propagation characteristics as well as practical considerations prevent a full exploitation of that diversity order especially for outdoor situations. This is usually not a serious restriction for diversity systems, as we will see later on that going from diversity order 1 (i.e., no diversity) to diversity order 2 gives larger bene ts than increasing the diversity order from 2 to higher values. However, it is an important issue for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems (see Section 20.2).
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Unlike the vim editor, where you have to move in and out of Insert mode to switch between entering commands and inserting text, the emacs editor has only one mode. If you type a printable character, emacs inserts it at the current cursor position. If you type a command, emacs executes the command.
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Once the file is written, you can open the file using SQL Server Profiler and display the trace data. Trace data may be saved to a table for further aggregate analysis using File Save As. SQL Profiler has the ability to replay traces. However, the restrictions on the replay option are such that it s unlikely to be useful for most databases. Additionally, the entire trace file can be submitted as a workload to the Database Tuning Advisor so that it can tune for multiple queries.
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As with plugin files, you are required to provide the Theme Name header, while other headers are optional. It is recommended that you supply all headers because it provides more metadata for WordPress to use to identify the theme in the WordPress Admin. The Tags header is especially useful if you wish to make your theme publicly available (and searchable) on the theme repository or hope to have it included as an available theme on WordPress also will use a thumbnail image to display the theme. This image should be called screenshot. png and be included in the root of the theme directory. WordPress Admin, as noted, will use this metadata to identify the theme for the user. Figure 10.1 illustrates how the Kubrick theme appears with its provided metadata.
Creating Drawings
2 Click the Design tab. 3 Click the Themes gallery
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After you ve created a search, especially a fairly complicated one that you may need to repeat later, it s a good idea to save it. The easiest way is to use the Save Search button on the toolbar. Alternately, tap Alt to bring up the Classic Menu, and then select Save Search from the File menu. This displays a standard Save As dialog box, where you can provide a name for your saved search. By default, saved searches are saved, naturally enough, to your Searches folder (found under your user s Home folder), but you can change the location if you d rather save a search to your desktop, the My Documents folder, or another location. You can also drag any saved search over to the Favorite Links section of the Navigation pane in Windows Explorer so you can access it easily later. Saved searches use the blue stacks icon that debuted in Windows Vista; and because they re treated like Libraries, you get the header area and resulting Arrange by options, so you can view your search results via organizational stacks, as shown in Figure 5-19.
from which the Double Directional Delay Power Spectrum (DDDPS) is derived as: DDDPS( , , ) = Ps ( , , , ) d (6.54)
TABLE 6.2-3 Hybrid Signaling: ABCD Codes for Loop Start Lines ABCD Code 0000 0010 0100 0101 0101 0111 1111 1111
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