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8.4. Wavelet Series
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InsertRows() End Sub Private Sub CreateDatabase() If Not System.IO.File.Exists(_sqlMobileDB) Then Dim eng As SqlCeEngine = New SqlCeEngine(_connection) eng.CreateDatabase() End If End Sub Private Sub CreateSchema() Dim sql As String = CREATE TABLE tb_clients ( & _ clientId int NOT NULL IDENTITY (1, 1) primary key, & _ clientCode nvarchar(50) NULL, & _ clientName nvarchar(50) NOT NULL) Dim conn As SqlCeConnection = New SqlCeConnection(_connection) conn.Open() Dim cmd As New SqlCeCommand(sql, conn) cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text Try cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() Catch sqlex As SqlCeException DisplaySQLCEErrors(sqlex) Finally conn.Close() conn.Dispose() End Try End Sub Public Sub InsertRows() Dim sql As String = INSERT INTO tb_clients (clientCode, clientName) & _ VALUES ( & _ 12345 , & _
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You can link notes to custom properties. The custom properties can be from the drawing, or from the model that is referenced by the drawing. I mention this kind of link briefly in 20, but discuss it more thoroughly here. Figure 22.9 shows a note on a drawing with custom property links pulling data from the model shown on the drawing. To add these links, driven by the syntax $PRPSHEET: material , click the icon indicated in the image to the right in Figure 22.9.
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Taking these ve main assumptions, considering the literature and reports from academia and taking into account practical experience gained in use of the tools, a variety of observations can be made. First, transforming informal text into formal representations requires a deep analysis of the text if the aim is to really build formally valid, logically correct knowledge bases. Revealing class/sub-class relationships and partwhole relationships are very dif cult. Ways exist to extract such information, but there is a social consensus or cognitive argument that makes it very dif cult to really create these pieces of knowledge. An important factor is the open world assumption that holds on the internet. 2 Related to this problem is the problem of enriching the knowledge that can be generated from a single document resource. Currently, the OntoBuilder software generates knowledge on a per document basis. The system is unbiased towards speci c domains, and should therefore be universally applicable, which is one of the more general requirements for web-based NLP technology. Due to this non-speci c applicability, the current system has to work on the syntactic/morphological level only, and will encounter dif culties in areas where knowledge about the world is needed. The current OntoBuilder software analyses on a per page/document basis. Therefore, the system is said to build small, lightweight ontologies for each and every document that is encountered. Within the current project, we have taken the assumption that documents found within a speci c domain, are describing the same view on the universe . Therefore all knowledge generated is currently hooked up to the domain from which the documents stem (e.g. the de nition of a concept car is hooked up to the domain root of, for example, ). Speci c instances of the concept car , such as a report on a speci c ford mondeo that crossed the Sahara desert, are found on pages within the domain (e.g. sahara/mondeotour.html ). Such speci c knowledge is then hooked up through the page it stems from. Obviously, such an approach runs into numerous problems, for which (again), no universal solution exists. Closely related to this problem of the scope of validity of modelled knowledge, truth and trust are other issues that play an important role. Is a model valid across domains Can we model a domain in such a way that truth is maintained Does an aeroplane de nition by an engineer in the United Kingdom refer to the same aeroplane like structure as in the de nition of an aboriginal in Australia Or are they two different entities Is a speci c statement, for example, on a war, universally true, or is it only true within the eyes
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One of the most serious public health hazards, which particularly affects children, is related to
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where Rs and RL are the source and load resistances, respectively. For an optimum power match as described above, this reduces to
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2. How do you activate the Phishing Filter
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Figure 13.10 The integration of the search tool and the electronic questionnaire. In the left frame, a question is shown What is CommonKads In the right frame, a free text search result is shown
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EISA can be described as a solution deposition technique, which combines sol-gel synthesis with self-assembly and microphase separation. EISA is actually an extension of more general templating approaches, for which preparation of porous materials is achieved via spontaneous self-assembly of precursor and template species with formation of supramolecular periodic structures.10 12 As templates for preparation of mesoporous materials, amphiphilic molecules are most often used. These molecules possess mutually immiscible hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts, which therefore segregate in appropriate solvents with formation of micelles of various shape. The driving force of micelle formation is microphase separation in order to minimize the total surface energy. The micelles can further aggregate in periodic superstructures, so-called lyotropic liquid-crystalline phases, which can serve as organic templates for controlled assembly of the inorganic precursor added to the surfactant solution.13 Such a liquid-crystal templating (LCT) mechanism (Fig. 9.1) is also referred to also as nanocasting, where a stabilized surfactant mesophase is assigned as a robust template for condensation of the inorganic phase. Another proposed mechanism is called cooperative self-assembly (CSA), in which a surfactant and an inorganic precursor form a combined intermediate phase, which behaves as an independent surfactant species and builds up a hybrid structure. The nature of the process is strongly dependent on the chemical composition of the system, but in most cases, the process is likely to follow a combination of both mechanisms.4 The prerequisite for templating is the presence of weak noncovalent interactions between the hydrophilic micelle interface and the precursor, so that the total interfacial energies of the resulting composite are lowered. Too strong interactions, as for example strong electrostatic ones, can lead to the
Table 27-23: Non-Inherited Members of the RadioButton Control Member Name (scope and type) Description click on the control as if done by the user. AppearanceChanged (Public Instance Event) Occurs after the appearance property of the control has changed. Occurs when the checked value of the control has changed.
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To create a database with multiple files using Management Studio, add the filename to the file grid in the Files page of the Database Properties dialog box (see Figure 17-3).
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Note: If your presentation has multiple themes, only the theme of the selected slide changes fonts.
The System Configuration dialog box disappears.
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