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With these requirements in mind, follow these steps, whether via an FTP client or directly over SSH, to secure your WordPress installation:
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Appendix A: WordPress Hook Reference
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Our Loop uses showposts => 4 to restrict how many results are going to be returned and post__in to provide our array of stickies.
Following Standard Conventions
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Web Design
GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications; originally Groupe Sp cial Mobile) is an international wireless standard and the most popular wireless network type in the world. In the United States, both AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM while Sprint, Verizon, and most smaller carriers utilize a wireless technology called CDMA. There are many differences between the two systems, but for purposes of this discussion, GSM-based phones require the use of a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) smart card, which includes the customer s subscription information. (On older, pre-smart phone type phones, the SIM card also contained contacts information.) CDMA-based phones, meanwhile, encode this information directly into the device.
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