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Now that you have an idea of what Web Services are and how they can be used, let's examine the key technologies that you'll encounter when working with Web Services. Microsoft provides an excellent platform for building and consuming Web Services with the .NET Framework, which virtually eliminates the need to learn about the "plumbing" involved in building and consuming Web Services. If things worked right all the time, there would be no need to even discuss this plumbing. But of course, things don't always work right, so it's useful to have a basic understanding of the foundation upon which Web Services are built. Note This section won't go into excruciating detail in describing any of these technologies. The only goal here is to give you enough knowledge to effectively troubleshoot any problems you might encounter when working with Web Services. The key to the broad-reaching capabilities of Web Services on the Internet is a software infrastructure built on Internet standards that doesn't rely on any platform-specific technology. This infrastructure supplies standards-based services that provide the following capabilities to Web Services: Describing data in a structured, portable manner Communicating requests and responses by means of an extensible message format Describing the capabilities of Web Services Discovering available Web Services Determining which sites provide Web Services The following sections will help you to understand why these issues are important and will introduce you to the technologies that provide these capabilities to the Web Services platform. Describing data Web Services enable consumers to programmatically request and obtain structured data. But how is this data encoded so that it can be exchanged between service and consumer How do you ensure a consistent and accurate interpretation of the data when the service and consumer may reside on different platforms, operating systems, object models, and/or programming languages
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8. In the Internet Options window, click Apply.
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Yes, though it is best to use it when the snap to grid feature is off. Open the Grid and Guides dialog box. Click the Snap objects to other changes to ), and then click OK. objects option ( When you move an object in-line with another object, it will pop into place and will stick there.
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only found in the newer 64-bit processors that contain the necessary checks to prevent code from being executed after a buffer overrun. The software portion can be run on any computer that has Windows Vista installed. By default, only essential programs and services have DEP enabled. While, in theory, it would be nice for all applications to have DEP coverage, the reality is that some applications such as Java applications or software that doesn t mark generated code with execute permission have compatibility issues with DEP. Fortunately, DEP does not take an all-or-nothing approach. You can set DEP to apply for all applications, and then place specific applications in an exception list, essentially opting out of the DEP protections in case of compatibility issues. To view and configure DEP: 1. Right-click Computer from the Start menu and open Properties. 2. Click Advanced system settings. The system Properties window appears. 3. Click the Advanced tab. 4. Select Settings in the Performance section. 5. Click Data Execution Prevention (see Figure 7.27).
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Active Directory objects (such as les and registry entries) have security identi ers associated with each object. This association creates a security-identi er presence, indicating that the resources in the directory can be secured in the same manner that les can be secured. By assigning a security identi er to each of the objects, you are essentially granting read and write privileges to the object, to a grouping of properties, or to individual properties of that object. You therefore give administrators a granular-type control over the updating procedures of these objects and the users who can maintain and update the objects.
Figure 13.22. Give your exported key a useful name so you can later import it to the proper location without guessing.
The OnInsert method gets executed before the element gets inserted into the DictionaryBase collection. It is declared in the DictionaryBase class in the following manner: Overridable Protected Sub OnInsert( _ ByVal key As Object, _ ByVal value As Object)
Aristotle had supposed that all mechanics was ultimately based on the properties of the lever and this was the extent of mechanics from the time of the Greeks right up to the Middle Ages and beyond. The weakness of this approach is that the balance and the lever are about parallel forces. Some forces, or weights, pull down, some pull up. The next great step forward came with the solution of a puzzle which had baffled Pappus of Alexandria, and all the Greek geometers, and many other mathematicians up to and including Leonardo da Vinci. In Fig. 9.12, a heavy object is being pulled up a slope. Everyday experience tells us that, the shallower the slope, the less effort is needed to haul the object; but how great is that effort In contrast to the case of the balance and lever, common sense does not tell us. More subtle reasoning, which makes greater assumptions, is required. It was first solved by an anonymous pupil of Jordanus (c. 1225). Jordanus wrote several books on arithmetic and geometry, but nothing as original as his pupil's elegant argument, which was based on considering two weights, each tending to slide down opposite sides of a wedge, but prevented from doing so by a string joining them, which slides over the top point of the wedge (Fig. 9.13). Fig. 9.12 Fig. 9.13
Figure 13.3 The actual possible outcomes.
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