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measured results. Ensure that turntable rotation and antenna height scan along with both vertical and horizontal polarization are performed. If any signals are missed because the scan was performed too fast or over an inadequate range of orientations, the method identified in Figure 4.12 becomes worthless. For this reason, a competent test engineer is required. 4.1.4 Measurement Precautions Performing radiated emissions is simple and straightforward. Several areas of concern may affect the accuracy of test data. In addition, it may be impossible to achieve repeatable results at another OATS should the product be retested. Electromagnetic Environment. The electromagnetic environment for an OATS needs to be relatively quiet and free from ambient or strong signals. These signals include broadcast radio or television transmitters, aeronautical communication, cell-phone towers, man-made radiators such as automobile ignition systems and arc-welding equipment, along with a host of other products. It is desirable that both conducted and radiated ambient radio noise and signal levels, measured without any EUT, are equal to or greater than 6 dB below the allowable specification limit of the applicable specification or standard. Most OATSs must maintain a NSA characteristic of 4 dB. Below the lower tolerance limit, ambient noise is expected. If ambient or man-made noise does occur within the frequency range that contains signals related to the product, it may be impossible to acquire an accurate reading. The use of a correlation analyzer may be necessary to obtain a reading in a noisy ambient condition. Magnetic Field Strength Measurements. If an OATS is to be used for magnetic field measurements, the test site should be modified. The ground plane is not required. If a reference ground plane is present, the measured level of radiated emissions may be higher than if measurement was made without the ground plane. Magnetic field measurements are referenced without the plane should verification testing be required by a third party. For this reason, this test should be performed in a shielded enclosure at frequencies below the chamber s resonant frequency. Most shielded enclosures are designed to operate from 30 MHz and above. Magnetic field measurements are generally below 30 MHz. 4.1.5 Alternate Test Sites Measurements may be performed at facilities that differ from the standard test site described above. These sites include RF absorber-lined or metal test chambers, office or factory buildings, and weather-protected OATSs. A spare room or area within a facility can suffice for preliminary investigation of radiated emissions. Alternative sites should comply with volumetric NSA requirements over the volume of the EUT. Metal enclosure and other sites that do not comply with volumetric requirements may only be used for exploratory radiated emission measure-
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The initialization (INI) file installation technique provides access to all of the same features that the command-line installation provides. Consequently, all of the features discussed in the section Using Command-Line Parameters to Install SSE Silently also apply to the INI technique. However, the INI technique relies on a different method for defining the installation parameters and requires that you use the following at the command line:
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When you open the Windows Security Center, the Security essentials page appears. This page contains four main areas of Windows Security: Firewall, Automatic updating, Malware protection, and Other security settings. Each one is surrounded by either a red or green box and has a matching status button; it is either red or green, like a traffic light. This section is largely informative; you cannot set preferences, nor can you
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Shuts down a remote computer. Generates security audit entries. Enables a user to increase the disk quotas. Increases the execution priority of a process. Installs and removes device drivers. Enables a user to prevent pages from being paged out to pagefile.sys.
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[Reproduced with permission from Ref. 24. Copyright 2007 Society for Information Display.]
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The expression in Eq. (8.3.8) shows that average BER performance at the maximalratio combiner output improves exponentially with increasing D, the order of diversity. Figure 8.6 shows the average BER Pb versus average SNR per bit b , for different orders of diversity, with an assumption of independent equal-power Rayleigh fading on diversity branches. Included in the gure is the BER curve for steady-signal reception. As we saw earlier, with a single antenna, we lose 30 to 35 dB in performance relative to steady-signal reception at reasonable levels of BER. With two independent diversity branches, the performance loss is reduced to about 25 dB, and with four orders of diversity, the SNR penalty is reduced to around 10 dB. With additional orders of diversity the penalty relative to nonfading can be reduced further. There will, of course, be a practical limit to the order of diversity implemented because, for example, one cannot put an arbitrarily large number of antennas into a communications terminal. If the average received power value from different branches is unequal but the amplitudes are uncorrelated Rayleigh-distributed random variables, the average error probability for a maximum ratio combining with D paths is given by [Pro01] Pb = where i =
international organizations, a provision for international country codes might be added. Mandatory definitions are those that either must be added or are added by default. Class objects are defined in the directory by another object that acts as a sort of template called the classSchema. The purpose of this object is to maintain unity among object classes in the directory. The following list describes the classSchema object attributes that define what must be entered during class object creation, and it was taken from the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit:
When you open the Windows Media Center for the first time, it asks you to select one of the setup options, as shown in Figure 16.3: n Express setup n Custom setup n Run setup later You can, depending on your familiarity with Windows, choose either of the first two options. I show you how to walk through the Custom setup.
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You can lock external references so that the model does not change, even if the parent document changes. The symbol for this is ->*. Other features of the part may be changed, but any external reference within the part remains the way it is until the reference is either unlocked or removed. In the Box-and-Top example I mentioned earlier, this means that if the Bottom part is changed, and the external reference on the Top is locked, then the Top will no longer fit the Bottom. One of the best things about locked references is that you can unlock them. They are also flexible and give you control over when updates take place to parts with locked references.
Working with Ease of Access
Figure 5.8.4 Cu K XANES spectra of Cu(NO3 )2 solution in ame at various heights from an atomic absorption burner head. Taken from Nakai et al.25 (a) Flame at 6 mm height; (b) 3 mm; (c) 1.8 mm; (d) Cu metal foil; (e) Cu(NO3 )2 solution itself. Reproduced by permission of Elsevier
7. Choose whether to allow or block.
Build test lab
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