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Figure 2-17: Right-click the taskbar to lock or unlock the options for this feature.
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Execute DTS 2000 Package: Allows legacy DTS packages to be executed as part of the Integration Services work flow. Specify the package location, authentication information, and DTS-style Inner/Outer variable mappings. Optionally, once the package is identified, it can be loaded as part of the Integration Services package. Execute Package: Executes the specified Integration Services package, allowing packages to be broken down into smaller, reusable pieces. Invoking a child package does require substantial overhead, so consider the number of invocation per run when considering child packages. For example, one or two child packages per file processed is probably fine, but one package per row processed is probably not. The child package will participate in a transaction if the Execute Package task is configured to participate. Variables available to the Execute Package task can be used by the child package by creating a parent package variable configuration in the child package, mapping each parent package variable to a locally defined package variable as needed. Execute Process: Executes an external program or batch file. Specify the program to be run in the Executable property, including the extension (e.g., MyApp.exe), and the full path if the program is not included in the computer s PATH setting (e.g., C:\stuff\ MyApp.exe). Place any switches or arguments that would normally follow the program name on the command line in the Arguments property. Set other execution time parameters as appropriate, such as WorkingDirectory or SuccessValue so Integration Services knows if the task succeeded. The StandardInputVariable property allows the text of a variable to be supplied to applications that read from StdIn (e.g., find or grep). The StandardOutputVariable and StandardErrorVariable properties enable the task s normal and error messages to be captured in variables. Execute SQL: Runs a SQL script or query, optionally returning results into variables. On the General page of the editor, set the ConnectionType and Connection properties to specify the database the query will run against. SQLSourceType specifies how the query will be entered: Direct Input: Entered into the SQLStatement property by typing in the property page, pressing the ellipsis to enter the query in a text box, pressing the Browse button to read the query from a file into the property, or pressing the Build Query button to invoke the query builder. File connection: Specify a file that the query will be read from at runtime. Variable: Specify a variable that contains the query to be run. A query can be made dynamic either by using parameters or by setting the SQLStatement property using the Expressions page of the editor. Using expressions is slightly more complicated but much more flexible, as parameter use is limited only in the WHERE clause and, with the exception of ADO.NET connections, only for very simple queries. If parameters are to be used, the query is entered with a marker for each parameter to be replaced, and then each marker is mapped to a variable via the Parameter Mapping page. Parameter markers and mapping vary by connection manager type: OLE DB: Write the query leaving a to mark each parameter location, and then refer to each parameter using its order of appearance in the query to determine a name: 0 for the first parameter, 1 for the second, and so on. ODBC: Same as OLE DB, except parameters are named starting at 1 instead of 0
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Print3D takes you to a Web site that allows you to choose from one of several services to create a rapid prototype of the active part. This is different from 3D Printing, which is an option in the File menu that interfaces with 3D printer hardware that is connected to your computer.
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ong before Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press and the first printed Holy Bible was mass-produced, humans were instinctually creating content. Civilizations scribed their experiences and histories on scrolls and in massive tomes by hand. In some cases, it was little more than pictures on the walls of caves. Though these processes were tedious, they filled the human need to articulate thoughts and pass stories on to the next generation. The printing press has enabled humans to evolve scribing to another level. Content can be passed on in many forms, such as in personal or commercial literature, and is widely accessible. Today, via the Internet, humanity has taken content production to yet another level with blogging platforms and content management systems. WordPress, a project of this evolution, has emerged as a preferred platform for content production and continues to evolve to meet our ever-changing content needs. It provides a vehicle to pass down stories, accounts, and histories to this, and future, generations. WordPress is free and easy to install, so anyone can use it without much effort. It s also open source, so developers can take the code, re-use it, and improve upon it.
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The scope of a structure is used to define access to the type. In VB.NET, the access levels may be set by specifying any of the modifiers: Public, Private, Friend, Protected, or ProtectedFriend. There are similar scoping modifiers for other .NET programming languages. In order for a UDT to be available outside of the application domain recall from 27 that an application domain in SQL Server is analogous to a database schema the access scope should be set as Public:
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Part VIII: Appendixes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 993
(8.33) (8.34)
The ITU-T de nes two types of B-ISDN services, interactive and distribution:
Have you heard the one about the million-dollar lottery in which the winner gets a dollar a year for a million years This old joke highlights the time value of money. That is, a dollar in a million years is obviously not worth as much as a dollar today. So what is $9 in 12 weeks worth in today s dollars If you had $9 today, you could invest it in T-bills (which let s suppose are earning 4 percent per year). Then in 12 weeks (roughly a quarter of a year), your money would grow 1 percent and be worth $9 1.01, or $9.09. Conversely, how much would you need today to be worth exactly $9 in 12 weeks The answer is $9 1.01, or $8.91. Therefore the price of the option is:
Problem 5E
( z) =
Table 6.4 (Continued) KEYWORD client_arch DESCRIPTION Specifies the client hardware SPARC or x86. Must be used if the system is a server that will support a client architecture different from its own. Can be any of the following: sun4d, sun4c, sun4m, sun4u, or i86pc. This option can be used only if the system_type is set to server. Defines the amount of space to allocate for client root file systems. This option can be used only if the system_type is set to server. If this value is not specified, the installation software will allocate 15 MB for each client (determined by the num_clients value). The space allocation is used to build the /export/root file system. Defines the amount of space to allocate for client swap space. This option can be used only if the system_type is set to server. If this value is not specified, the installation software will allocate 32 MB for each client (determined by the num_clients value). The space allocation is used to build the /export/swap file system. With a single argument, this keyword specifies the software group to install on the system. The options include SUNWCreq (core, the minimal installation cluster), SUNWCuser (end user support), SUNWCprog (the developer installation), SUNWCall (the entire distribution), and SUNWCXall (the entire distribution plus OEM support, available for SPARC systems only). With both a cluster name and an add or delete argument, this keyword specifies a particular software cluster that should be added to the software group being installed or omitted from it. This keyword/value set is required only if you want to tailor your installation more finely than the software groups. If neither add nor delete is specified, add is assumed. (continues)
rb B
Note the other check box options. They are brand-specific options; other GPU makers driver applets might not offer them. For example, if you have an Nvidia-based graphics, card, it ll have features specific to Nvidia and lack ATI-specific features. Other antialiasing and anisotropic filtering options include Temporal antialiasing (which improves visual quality by changing sample patterns every other frame) and High Quality Anisotropic Filtering (which uses a better filtering method, but may impact performance).
Multiple bodies Repositioned and combined into a single body
Part 4: Using the Ubuntu Server
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