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IEEE 802.X standards, 399 I III VI2 powders, preparating from SSPs, 167 169. See also Chalcopyrite (I III VI2) materials ILGAR cycle, 265. See also Ion layer gas reaction (ILGAR) Impurities in metallo-organic inks, 395 in thin- lm transistors, 397, 398 Incident-photon-to-current-ef ciency (IPCE), 304 Indium(III) sul de, 267 Indium arsenide (InAs) lms, ECALEgrown, 269 Indium/gallium (In/Ga) chalcogenides, 159 Indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) channel, 124 Indium phosphide (InP), in nonlinear optics, 461 Indium phosphide nanowires, 354 Indium-rich lms, 179 Indium-rich secondary phase, 191 Indium selenide (In2Se3) lms, 87 89 ECALE-grown, 269 Indium selenide precursor lms, 87 Indium sul de (In2S3) lms, SILARgrown, 255, 262 Indium telluride (In2Te3), 91, 100 102 Indium tin oxide (ITO), 21 mesoporous, 302, 305 Indium tin oxide matrix, for nonlinear optics, 461 462 Indium zinc gallium oxide (InZnGaO), future applications of, 452 Indium zinc oxide (InZnO), future applications of, 452 Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis, 207 Inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching (ICPRIE), 411 Infrared (IR) detectors, in heterogeneous three-dimensional integration, 432, 435 436. See also Fourier transform infrared (FAIR) Ink deposition, 389
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The On Error statement tells the compiler that if an error does occur within this procedure, to jump to the line label indicated by the Goto statement. In the preceding example, you created a line label called errHandler. If an error occurs, execution will stop on the offending line and jump to the errHandler label. The code following the errHandler label will then execute. Once this code is executed and the procedure is out of scope, the error trap for this procedure is no longer in use. The next time you call this method, the error trap will be enabled, and the process will repeat itself. If no errors occur in
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FIGURE 12.24 This is the Permissions window for the DOOM 3 folder.
where fc is the carrier frequency, {dk } (k = 0, 1, 2, 3, . . .) is the sequence of data bits, and xk is a value of phase, which is constant over the kth successive T -second symbol interval. During each interval, xk is either 0 or , to meet the requirement that the phase be continuous from the end of one symbol interval to the start of the next. This requirement is satis ed if xk is given by the following recursion: xk = xk 1 + k (dk 1 dk ) 2 mod 2 (7.4.2)
Rd + Pd = Wx
Other options that I ve never found I needed in production include Check_Constraints, CodePage, DataFileType, Fire_Triggers, KeepIdentity, KeepNulls, Kilobytes_per_batch, and Order. The BestPractice of bulk inserting into a staging table and then performing the ETL merge into the permanent tables makes these commands less useful.
The next check box is entitled Send unique Player ID to content providers. Use this option to send an identification string from your Media Player software to sites from which you get your media. I don t see why you would want to do this; what you listen to is really none of their business. The Windows Media Player Customer Experience Improvement Program is optional. By checking the box labeled I want to help make Microsoft software and services even better by sending Player usage data to Microsoft, you re doing just that: sending allegedly anonymous data about how you use Media Player 11 to a Microsoft server somewhere on the Internet. I habitually uncheck this box, because Microsoft doesn t need to know what I m doing with Media Player 11, anonymously or otherwise. The last check box, under History, asks whether you want to save file and URL history in the Media Player. This feature is similar to other programs that show recently used or opened files, and if you don t want others on your computer, with access to your account, to know what media you ve been accessing, you should uncheck this box.
(b) Balun built by MSL and capacitors
Once you ve built redundancy into your servers, determined which applications are critical, and thoroughly thought through your failover scenarios, your environment is ready for HA. With the purchase of Open Vision by VERITAS, there are now three major vendors of HA software for the Sun Solaris environment: Legato, Sun, and VERITAS. Each of the HA packages offered by these companies has strengths and weaknesses. Should you consider rolling your own Is it possible Is it worth doing The first thing you need to determine is what type of availability is really needed. If you have mission-critical applications, buy the software. If, on the other hand, you can get by with modest lapses in service, but want to improve the uptime of non-missioncritical projects, then it is possible to create your own HA on a shoestring. But while it is possible, we don t recommend it. Buy the software if you have the budget. If you cannot buy the software, consider whether you have the time to write and support a custom solution. This is probably the time to bring management in to help weigh the pros and cons of in-house development of an HA solution. One major plus for purchasing an HA package is the ability to point a finger and know whom to call when there is a problem.
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