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An exception would be if an MS found itself in a position to notify all the BSs in its surroundings about the details of the interference it sees from them, and the BSs were in a position to cooperate in order to provide as little interference as possible to all users. Such schemes have been proposed, but are rather complex.
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You can also choose to adjust the formatting or your message s text. Use the formatting toolbar to apply bold, italic, or underline characteristics to your text. You can also change the size of your font as well as attach files to your message. (See the upcoming instructions on how to attach a file to your e-mail message.)
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FIGURE 17.34 The bolt is too short.
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FIGURE 22.13 Accessing symbols and the symbol library
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2: Unix Is the Engine
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SaveFileDialog This control is used to allow the user to select a file to save. The SaveFileDialog control inherits directly from the FileDialog class. Table 27-48 lists the properties, methods, and events that the SaveFileDialog class possesses that it did not inherit. Table 27-48: Non-Inherited Members of the SaveFileDialog Control Member Name (scope and type) CreatePrompt (Public Instance Property) Description Specifies whether the user should be asked whether the file should be created if a nonexistent file is selected. Specifies whether the user should be asked whether the file should be overwritten if an existing file is selected. Opens the selected file with the read/write permissions specified by the user.
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Wireless Communications
Appendix B: Template Tags
Table of Figures
It s less likely you have PECL installed on your server than it is you would have mod_rewrite. To install PECL on Ubuntu, type apt-get install php-pear. The PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) library from PHP has the required software needed to use PECL. n
Now that you understand the concepts of Active Directory structure and the components that are involved in the physical makeup of directory services, let s look at the way these pieces come together to interoperate with one another. Once sites are created and domains are functioning with a copy of Active Directory, domain controllers work cooperatively to replicate and process Active Directory and updates to it. Each domain stores a copy of local domain object information called a partition. The GCS serves to unify all directory object information together in one central database, retaining information from each partition. Replication In order for users to access objects across the enterprise, it is imperative that information is shared within and across sites. This process of sharing Active Directory information is known as replication. Each time an object in the directory is added or modified, replication takes place instantly. It is quite easy to see how this could add up to quite a bit of network traffic, particularly on larger networks; hence, the reason that sites are typically connected by high-speed network links. Considering the process of replication, it is logical that the Active Directory database on all domain controllers are writeable copies, which is functionally different from the way that Windows NT domain controllers operate. In Windows NT, only the primary domain controller contained a writeable copy of the security database, and backup domain controllers were instituted for fault tolerance holding a readonly copy of the database. The fact that all domain controllers contain writeable copies of Active Directory means a Windows 2000 network provides greater functionality and flexibility than previous versions. The ability for all domains to write a replica in a given partition is referred to as multiple-master replication. The two key benefits that replication provides are availability of resources to users and fault tolerance of Active Directory information (see Figure 1.15). Partitions As previously mentioned, each site houses local Active Directory information. In an environment where there are multiple sites or domains, each site holds a subset of the directory called a partition. The primary
The code in Listing 8.6 is available for download at n
Con guring connection properties
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