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I am always trying to think of alternate ways of doing things. It is important to have a backup plan, or sometimes multiple backup plans, in case a feature doesn t perform exactly the way you want it to. As you progress into more complex features, you may find that the more complex features are not as well behaved as the simple features. You may be able to get away with only doing blind extrudes and cuts with simple chamfers and fillets for the rest of your career. In addition, even if you could, would you want to
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where input impedance Z = R + j X. For an antenna contained in a sphere with diameter La , the Q-factor is given as Q where k0 is again 2 / . 1 1 + (k0 La /2)3 k0 La /2 (9.8)
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A more granular version of the generic date-based archive is the use of year.php, month.php, and day.php. All three of these template files, if they exist, serve up the appropriate date-based archived. These template files are rarely used, but could be for special rendering. Absent the appropriate template file, WordPress will use date.php instead.
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The simplest way to make a movie is just to grab some pictures and/or a video, and possibly an audio file for a soundtrack, and drag them into Windows Live Movie Maker. (A soundtrack obviously makes more sense for photo slide shows as sound in a video file would compete with the sound from an audio file.) Then, you can press Play in the Preview pane and watch your simple, unedited creation play through to completion. For the very simplest of videos, this is straightforward; but what if you want to take it to the next level, adding transitions, video effects, and titles This section examines the editing capabilities, such as they are, of Windows Live Movie Maker. Two things to remember before we get started: you can have only one soundtrack per project (and that s optional), and you can drag and drop the clips in the Storyboard pane to determine the running order of the video. Okay, it s time to get started.
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The contents of the log file, once it has been created from the raw data, will look like this:
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Test Levels for Continuous Immersion Magnetic Field Strength (A/m) 1 3 10 30 100 Special
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Region 2
In Figure 3.19, the Zebra Stripes in example A do not match at all. This is clearly the non-tangent, contact-only case. Example B shows that the stripes match in position going across the indicated edge, but they change direction immediately. This is the tangent case. Example C shows the stripes flowing smoothly across the edge. This is the curvature continuous case. You can use the remaining icons in the View toolbar to toggle the display of various types of entities from reference geometry to sketches. The following images identify the icons:
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Time, fast cycle, 125 127 Time-off incentives, 332 Time-phased networks, 211. See also Network, project Time-phased resource requirements, 215 To Be Determined (TBD), 161 162 To Be Resolved (TBR), 161 162 Tools/devices, 26, 46, 163 164, 219, 290 Toothbrush, technical project cycle tailored for (Figure 7.15), 122 Top-down incremental integration approach, 364, 365 Top Ten Problem List, 288 289, 302 Total Quality Management (TQM), 272 273 Toys, hazards in, 313 Traceability, requirements, 161, 368, 390, 417, 433 Trade-off area, 9 Trade-off studies, 10 12 Trade space, 9 Training, 81, 333, 388, 417 Tree analogy, 43 44 Trend interpretation, 308 311 Tufte, Edward R., 304 Typewriter/word processor, 138 139 Underperformers, 80 Unified development, 112, 434 Unified Modeling Language (UML), 26, 62, 66, 164 165, 352, 409 414, 434 Unified Process, 112 Unilateral decision making, 79 Universities, and business/engineering, 16 17 U.S. Department of Defense (DoD): acquisition programs, project spans for (Figure 21.1), 383 chartering SEI-CMM, 393, 421 Defense Acquisition System Directive, 407 project cycle, 86, 87, 88, 105 standards, 15, 105, 204, 384, 406 408 Useem, Michael, 319, 320 User(s): developers converging with, 140 141 reliance on wrong ones, 139 types of, 378 User concept of operations. See Concept of operations (CONOPS) User Requirements Definition Phase, 92, 242, 244 User Requirements Document (URD), 141 Validation: criteria for integrated project management model, 20 definitions, 64, 114, 434 in-process, 352 354, 377 versus verification, 114 (see also Verification) Value-Added Tax (VAT), 101 Vapor ware, 388
The CITYHALL domain
Restore a backup from another computer, provided you have administrator privileges Restore one or more files
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