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Auditing Windows Server 2008
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n Use system separator for dimensions: This setting establishes the character used to separate decimal values from whole number values. In Europe, a comma is most frequently used, while in the United States, a period is used. This setting depends on the Windows setting that is found in the Windows Control Panel. Deafult is on. When the setting is on, SolidWorks uses the default Windows setting, and the box to the right where you enter the separator character is disabled. When the setting is off, the box to the right is enabled. n Use English language menus: This setting is active only when SolidWorks has been installed in a language other than English. English is always available, regardless of what language was installed. n Use English language feature and filenames: Again, this setting is active only when a language other than English has been installed. This setting does not change the displayed names of existing documents and features; it only controls the default names assigned to new documents and features. n Enable Confirmation Corner: All SolidWorks functions that use the Confirmation Corner (triangular area of the upper-right corner of the graphics window containing the green check mark and the red X) should also have a green check mark icon in the Property Manager or on the right-mouse button menu. Turning this option off could save some interface space, although it is not recommended. Default is on. See Figure B.8.
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Table 41-2: Authentication Options Authentication Mode Description Windows authentication (NTLM/Kerber os), or certificates. Forms This mode uses ASP.NET forms-based authentication. Uses Microsoft Passport authentication. No authentication. 43 covers ASP.NET authentication in more detail.
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Part IV
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Another new feature that the games boast is the ability to save your progress. If you have to leave a game in the middle, choose Game Options, and then click in the check box next to Always save on exit. When you exit the game, Windows will offer to save it for you.
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for content. (We look at Windows Media Player 12 in 11.) While some other Windows 7 applications also utilize Libraries, some do not (at least not yet). Windows Live Photo Gallery, for example, still uses a pre-Library folder monitoring system of its own. Libraries are the basis for Windows 7 s network sharing capabilities: In previous versions of Windows, you had to explicitly share folders so that they could be accessed by other PCs and compatible devices across your home network. Windows 7 makes this much easier with a new feature called HomeGroups. While we discuss HomeGroups in 9, it s worth at least mentioning here that four of the five objects that Windows 7 shares via HomeGroups pictures, music, videos, and documents are shared via Libraries. (The fifth shared object, printers, is of course separate.) Yes, you can still share things the old-fashioned way if you want, but Libraries, combined with HomeGroups, make sharing easier than ever. You can arrange Library views in ways that aren t possible with folders: While Libraries support the Sort by and Group by options utilized by folders, they also offer a unique visualization option called Arrange by that is not offered to traditional folders. We examine Sort by, Group by, and Arrange by later in this chapter.
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Windows Media Player Navigation pane.
The Select Installation Folder appears. Choose where you would like to save the Advisor application on your computer. The default folder setting is located in your PC s C:\Program Files drive. You can also type in the path route or use the Browse feature to change the default folder location.
in 1990 and continue to experience revision and augmentation. The ATM Forum, formed in 1992 and since merged into the MFA Forum, built on those standards through the development and promotion of speci cations for equipment interfaces in the ATM network. As noted previously, B-ISDN builds on the services foundation of Narrowband ISDN (N-ISDN). But B-ISDN is based on cell-switching technology, whereas N-ISDN is a circuit-switched standard. B-ISDN makes use of ATM as the backbone network switching and transport technology, with SDH/SONET as the backbone transmission medium. Deployment of N-ISDN varies widely from country to country and within each nation on a state, province, and metropolitan area basis. N-ISDN has not been well received in the United States, although it was quite popular in certain countries within Western Europe and was widely deployed in parts of Asia. As the ITU-T anticipated quite early on, N-ISDN proved to be underpowered in the context of the contemporary appetite for bandwidth-intensive applications. 10.5.1 B-ISDN De ned
'Create a Connection object and set it's connection string _ through the constructor Dim oConnection As New _ SqlClient.SqlConnection("Data Source=(local);Initial _ Catalog=Northwind;User id=sa") oConnection.Open() ENERGY RESOLUTION
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