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Readers desiring more details on CoTypes and OLE DB in general might want to consult the Introduction to OLE DB Programming located in the MSDN library at http:// url=/library/en-us/oledb/htm/ oledbpart1_introduction_to_ole_db.asp. CoTypes are discussed throughout this multi-chapter conceptual reference.
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2. Forward-error correction (FEC) coding using both block and convolutional codes 3. Automatic repeat request (ARQ) schemes
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n Prompt to set driven state: When adding a dimension that overdefines a sketch, SolidWorks prompts you to set the dimension to a driven or reference dimension state (gray). The alternative is to leave it overdefining (red or pink). n Set driven by default: This setting automatically makes a dimension driven if it overdefines the sketch.
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Solution Processing of Inorganic Materials, edited by David B. Mitzi Copyright 2009 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Public Overrides Sub Close() sw.Close() MyBase.Close() End Sub
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Star Schema
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Reusing Query Execution Plans
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Architecture Vee
User Account Control settings couldn t be easier: there s a simple slider control with four settings, which one might think of as really annoying, annoying, less annoying, and Windows XP. (Homeland security might consider a similar scale.)
Mode dial display. The display
Core, Con guration, Networking, and Communication Services
For my example, begin by adding class= inputboxreq to the fname element:
Figure 3.3.9 Scatter X-ray spectra taken from a polycapillary optic and from a 0.04 mm pinhole. The optic has an output focal distance of 10 mm. The pinhole data were acquired with a 2 mm pinhole aperture and the optic data were then rescaled. The pinhole was placed 100 mm to the X-ray source that has a tungsten target and 10 m spot size
The Display pane in action
If Not (e.KeyChar.IsDigit(e.KeyChar)) And _ e.KeyChar <> ChrW(Keys.Back) Then
Figure 14.11 Simulated error probability of uncoded quadrature-phase shift keying rate-2/3 8-PSK trellis-coded modulation in an additive white Gaussian noise channel.
Image Quality setting. This
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