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Most commonly used silicon strip detectors are based on reverse biased strongly asymmetric junctions built on low doped silicon of resistivity between 1 k cm and 20 k cm. In majority these are p+ -n junctions built on n-type high resistivity bulk material. Development of high precision silicon microstrip detectors of this type has been driven by applications in high energy particle physics for measurements of particle tracks. Those applications require thin detectors and thickness of 300 m has become almost a standard in this area. Silicon strip detectors can be made on thicker wafers using exactly the same technological steps as for thin detectors and detectors of thickness up to 2 mm have been manufactured successfully (Ota, 1999; Phlips et al., 2001). In order to make use of the full thickness of a detector based on the p+ -n junction one needs to bias the structure with a suf ciently high voltage, the so-called full depletion voltage, to induce the depletion layer over the full physical thickness of silicon, up to the n+ ohmic contact on the backside. The full depletion voltage increases as the square of detector thickness and is given as: qNd d2 (4.5.6) 2 Si where q is the electronic charge, d is the detector thickness, Nd is the donor concentration in n-type bulk and Si is the permittivity of silicon. For example, for the above mentioned 2 mm thick detector built on silicon of 20 k cm resistivity the full depletion voltage is 650 V. The required high bias voltage for thick detectors becomes at a certain point a limitation since it exceeds the breakdown voltage of the structure. It is worth noting that the breakdown voltage of a silicon strip structure is much lower, by an order of magnitude, compared to the breakdown voltage of homogenous silicon bulk because of local high electric eld around the edges of p+ strips. The breakdown voltage usually decreases with narrowing the strip width. Signi cant progress has been made recently with respect to increasing breakdown voltage in silicon strip detectors and structures with strip pitch of the order of 100 m with Vdepl =
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120. Hoffmann, S.; Haxenkox, U.; Waser, R.; Jia, J. L.; Urban, K. 1997. Chemical solution deposition of BaTiO3 and SrTiO3 with columnar microstructures. In Science and Technology of Semiconductor Surface Preparation, edited by Hagashi, G. S.; Hirose, M.; Ragahavan, S.; Verhaverbeke, S. Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 477:9 14. 121. Roy, R. 1969. Gel route to homogeneous glass preparation. J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 52:344. 122. Halder, S.; Schneller, T.; Waser, R.; Thomas, F. 2007. Microstructure and electrical properties of BaTiO3 and (Ba,Sr)TiO3 ferroelectric thin lms on nickel electrodes. J. Sol-Gel Sci. Tech. 42:203 207. 123. Ihlefeld, J. F.; Borland, W.; Maria, J. P. 2005. Synthesis and properties of barium titanate thin lm on copper substrates. In Ferroelectric Thin Films XIII, edited by Ramesh, R.; Maria, J. P.; Alexe, M.; Joshi, V. Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 902:7 14. 124. Wu, A.; Vilarinho, P. M.; Srinivasan, S.; Kingon, A. I.; Reaney, I. M.; Woodward, D.; Ramos, A. R.; Alves, E. 2006. Microstructural studies of PZT thick lms on Cu foils. Acta Materialia. 54:3211 3220.
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Based on equations (11.15) and (11.16), Figure 11.16(a) and (b) plots the curve of ZP vs. f and the curve YP vs. f, respectively. Figure 11.16(b) looks like Figure 11.14 but they are essentially different, Figure 11.16(b) draws the curve YP vs. f, whereas Figure 11.14 draws the curve ZS vs. f. In the case of LC combination in parallel, admittance is a more convenient parameter than impedance. Therefore, only Figure 11.16(b) but not 11.16(a) is applied to our discussion. From Figure 11.16(b) it can be seen that 1) In the case of LC combination in parallel, The variation of admittance is a decrease of subceptance when the frequency is lower than fP or the SRF, The variation of admittance is an increase of subceptance when the frequency is higher than fP or the SRF. And, The variation of subceptance is zero at the SRF. 2) LC combination in parallel can be inserted into an impedance matching network as a branch in parallel only. It is prohibited to apply it as an arm in series because the network would be open-circuited at fP or SRF where its resultant impedance is in nite as shown in Figure 11.16(a). Figure 11.17 shows an example before and after a LC combination in parallel is inserted into impedance matching network as a branch, in which the impedance variation from trace C, ZfL,C and ZfH,C, to trace D, ZfL,D and ZfH,D, over the bandwidth, fL to fH. The variation of impedance or admittance trace from trace C to trace D can be summarized as follows: 1) The low-impedance end on trace C, ZfL,C, moves counter-clockwise along the conductance circle to ZfL,D, while 2) The high-frequency end on the impedance trace C, ZfH,C, moves clockwise along with the conductance circle to ZfH,D. A slight deviation of the trace from the conductance circle exists due to a slight resistance existing in the imperfect inductor LP. 3) The common point P on trace C and trace D in Figure 11.17 corresponds to the impedance or admittance at P or the SRF frequency in parallel, where the variation of admittance is zero on the basis of the equation (11.16). 4) Consequently, trace C is squeezed to trace D and is now located around the reference impedance, the center of the Smith chart. The bandwidth is therefore increased. To insert an LC combination in parallel into the impedance matching network is another powerful scheme to squeeze the impedance trace and, consequently, to expand the bandwidth. 11.4 IMPEDANCE MATCHING IN IQ MODULATOR DESIGN FOR A UWB SYSTEM So far we have been exploring how to expand the bandwidth of an RF circuit block through the implementation of an impedance matching network. This discussion has barcode reader code 128
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Modulation and Coding Scheme MCS-9 MCS-8 MCS-7 MCS-6 MCS-5 MCS-4 MCS-3 MCS-2 MCS-1
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Previous versions of RAS supported Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (MS-CHAP) to authenticate remote clients. MS-CHAP v2 provides stronger security and is designed speci cally to support Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections, which enable remote clients to establish secure connections to a private network through a public network such as the Internet. MS-CHAP v2 provides several security enhancements: LAN Manager coding of responses, formerly supported for backward compatibility with older remote access clients, is no longer supported. This provides improved security. MS-CHAP v2 no longer supports LAN Manager encoding of password changes for the same reason. Mutual authentication, which provides bi-directional authentication between the remote client and the RAS server, is supported. Previously, MS-CHAP provided only one-way authentication and did not provide a mechanism for the remote client to determine whether the remote server actually had access to its authentication password for
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Slower than simple or bulk-logged
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Figure 1.15 Constant gain circles and constant noise gure circles when f = 895 MHz. Gain circles: Gmax = 12 dB at point G, step = 1.0 dB. Noise gure circles: NFmin = 1.5 dB at point N, step = 0.5 dB.
This form now has a label to contain a general description of the task at hand and an overloaded Show method in order to modify that description. This form also has the necessary fields and labels to handle the generic data entry task. So, you can inherit from this again if you desire to create a form for the specific task. I'll spare the code listing, but the DataEntryExample project demonstrates this as well and Figure 28-4 shows a possible result.
FigurE 14-3: A new conversation can consist of one or more recipients, a message, and, optionally, an attachment.
For equal power allocation: P1 = P2 = P3 = 5 so that capacity becomes: Cequal-power = 4.8 bit/s/Hz For the predistortion case, the powers become P1 = 1.1 P2 = 2.8 P3 = 11.1 from which we obtain a capacity of: C predistort = 3.2 bit/s/Hz (19.42) (19.39) (19.40) (19.41) (19.38) (19.37)
<script language=VB runat=server> Sub Button1_click(Source As Object, e As ImageClickEventArgs) Para1.InnerHtml = "You clicked button 1" End Sub
A very common convention in websites is to use the site s logo as the link to the home page. While this works on many sites, you shouldn t count on using only the logo as the way to the home page. Always provide users with an explicit link to get back to square one. For sites that have depth and breadth, using a style of navigation called breadcrumbs can be a very powerful way of both communicating to a user his or her current location and giving him or her a way to step back. Figure 8.13 shows a breadcrumb tool at work. Figure 8.13 Breadcrumb navigation provides a more accurate location within a section of the site.
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