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Part VII
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Zb = Z 5 + Z 3 + Z 4 + Z 4 Zm = Z1 + Z5 + Z2 + Z3 + If Z1 = Z5, Z2 = Z4, then Z2 = Z3 = Z4 =
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One way to verify the authenticity of a large file is with math. You can use a mathematical formula to evaluate the contents of the file before the download and compare those results with the results of the same formula after the download. If the results match, there s a good chance that the file downloaded correctly and without modification. The most common mathematical formulas used for this purpose are the MD5 and SHA1 hash algorithms. Hash algorithms compute a unique, fixed-size result from any amount of data. If anything in the data changes, the hash algorithm result is different. The MD5 algorithm generates a 128-bit value, usually represented as a 32-character hexadecimal value, often referred to as the MD5 sum. The SHA1 algorithm is more complex and generates a 160-bit value, represented as a 40-character hexadecimal value. Ubuntu posts the MD5 sums for each of its download files in the general release page ( as the file MD5SUMS. These values are also kept on the web page (Note that this is a secure https web site, and not a standard http site.) The Ubuntu BitTorrent files each contain their own signed SHA1 sum. This file automatically downloads with the ISO image file from the BitTorrent site. Once you ve downloaded the hash files, you ll want to perform the hash algorithm on your downloaded ISO image file and compare the values. The next section discusses just how to do this.
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Problem llB Prince Rupert's cube, and the puzzle of the divided square
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Part II
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Windows Server 2008 forests are transitive, meaning that their trust relationships are not bound to any two domains. Each newly created child domain automatically creates a two-way transitive trust between the child and parent domain, causing transitive relationships to ow upward through the domain tree, causing relationships among all domains in the tree. Each newly created domain tree in a forest automatically creates a relationship between the forest root domain and the new domain. If no child domains are added, the trust path is between this new root domain and the forest root domain. If child domains are added, trust ows upward through the domain tree to the domain tree s root domain, extending the path created between the domain root and the forest root domain. If new domains are added, the forest is a single root domain or domain tree, causing the transitive trust to ow through all domains in the forest. Figure 20-4 displays how transitive trusts ow through a forest.
Constants Constants are not available for all report items and properties. Depending on the property for which the expression is being written, this category will contain the constant values available for that property. For example, when editing an expression to set the BackgroundColor for a row in a table, the Constants category contains the list of colors available and exposes controls enabling the addition of a custom color. The Globals expression category contains functions to access information about the report and the execution of the report, such as ExecutionTime, PageNumber, TotalPages, and UserID. The Parameters expression category contains the list of parameters defined in the report. The Fields expression category contains the list of fields for the data set within scope of the selected report item or property. For example, when editing the expression for a cell in a table bound to the Products data set, the Fields expression category will list all of the fields available in the Products data set. The Datasets expression category contains each data set defined in the report. Selecting a data set displays the default aggregation function for each field in the data set. The default aggregation function is dependent on the data type for the field. For example, the default aggregation function of the ListPrice field in the Products data set is Sum(ListPrice). Double-clicking this field adds the following code to the code window: Sum(Fields!ListPrice.Value, Products ) The Operators expression category contains Arithmetic, Comparison, Concatenation, Logical/Bitwise, and Bit Shift operators to assist with expression syntax and construction. The Common Functions expression category contains functions for working with Text, Date and Time, Math, Inspection, Program Flow, Aggregate, Financial, and Conversion.
The quadratic equation x 2 - 7x + 12 = 0 has two roots, 3 and 4, and it is true that 7 = 3 + 4 and 12 = 3 x 4. The following cubic equation has three real roots, 2, 3 and 4:
FIGURE 3.9 The Novice and Advanced interfaces for the New SolidWorks Document dialog box
Part VII
The capability to inherit forms has made rapid GUI development even easier. In Visual Basic 6, you could create a form template and reuse it wherever you needed it. This worked out very well until something needed changing. In short, the techniques in Visual Basic 6 were equivalent to copy-and-paste development. However, in Visual Basic .NET, this is no longer the case. Now, you can use true inheritance for your forms and, when there is a change, no problem. All you have to do is
One of the downfalls of this arrangement is that if the network goes down, users no longer have access to their templates. This can be averted by also putting copies of the templates on the local computers; however, it has the tendency to undermine the goal of consistent documentation. Users may tend to use and customize the local templates rather than use the standardized network copies.
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Installing and Configuring DNS
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Consider the fence as a movable line, which is rotating about the point W (Fig. 6.43). Then W divides the line into two parts. If one of Fig. 6.43
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