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We call these reasoning tasks instance reasoning.
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TK-46, 123 TK-47, 123 Tolson, W. A. "Doc", 56 Transistor, 3, 4, 24 Tri-color camera, 98 Triniscope, 100 Triode, 20 Triple image-orthicon, 98 Truman, Harry, 114 U.S. Signal Corps, 141 U.S. TV standard, 82 Vacuum tube, 4, 17, 24 Vance, Arthur, 33, 54 Verne, Jules, 5 Victor Talking Machine Company, 48 Video broadcasting systems, 1 Vidicon, 68, 69, 70, 72, 74 construction and operation, 73 Watson-Watt, Robert, 96 Wendt, Carl, 95, 97 Western Electric Co., 49 Westinghouse Electric Company, 27, 33, 47, 50 Weimer, Paul, 66, 68, 69, 71, 75 Wiener, Norbert, 105 Wolf, Irving, 62, 63 World War II, 70 Wright brothers, 5 Xerography, 63 Young, Owen D., 47, 48 Zenith, 59 Zworykin, Vladimir K., 13, 5, 13, 14, 15, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 49, 50, 51, 55, 59, 62, 65, 70, 71, 85, 98, 151, 152 Zworykin camera tube, 31
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Choose the Move tool when you re done with the text and then adjust its position to sit in the middle of the tab. You can now replicate this text so you have fewer specs to adjust: Hold down the Option key while moving the text box to create a copy. Now you can use the Text tool again to highlight the text and change its color to a light gray. Then, replicate this text label to the rest of the inactive tabs. You can create labels for each of the tabs now, as shown in Figure 12.14.
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The parameters in the RL are used by the MTP3s in the signaling points along the message path to determine the signaling route set to the message destination. The RL
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In general, CBD processes have been investigated by a sizable group of scientists worldwide. The CBD technique has been used to prepare a wide range of sul des, selenides, and oxides. The following paragraphs only cite selected papers of interest to the author, primarily relating to the eld of photovoltaics. Yamada et al.42 fabricated a 14.3%-ef cient CIGS-based solar cell by using CBD ZnO as a buffer layer. CBD zinc oxide was grown from a solution mixture of zinc acetate and ammonium hydroxide. Mikami et al.43 prepared a 14.3%ef cient CIGS-based solar cell by using CBD ZnO lms as a buffer layer. Hariskos et al.44 fabricated 15.7%-ef cient (active area) CIGS solar cells using CBD Inx(OH,S)y thin lms. Kim et al.45 fabricated a 12.55%-ef cient device using a CBD Inx(O,OH,S)y buffer layer on a CIGS absorber. Larina et al.46 fabricated a 10.0%-ef cient CIGS solar cell with a 30-nm-thick Inx(OOH)ySz buffer layer, whereas a CIGS cell with a 60-nm-thick CdS buffer layer produced a 13.4%-ef cient device. Tokita et al.47 prepared a 14%-ef cient CIGS-based device using a CBD In(OH)3 : Zn2+ buffer layer. The buffer layer was deposited by CBD using ZnCl2, InCl3 : 4H2O, and thiourea. Gangopadhyay et al.48 used a CBD ZnS antire ection coating on large-area commercial monocrystalline silicon solar cells, resulting in a 13.8% ef ciency. Ennaoui et al.49 deposited CBD Zn(Se,OH)x lms on Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2. They reported an active-area ef ciency of up to 15.7% and a total-area ef ciency of up to 13.26% for such devices. Yamaguchi et al.50 prepared CBD (Cd,Zn)S with different [Zn]/([Cd] + [Zn]) ratios. The band gaps in the thin lms were controlled by varying the mixture ratio of CdI2 and ZnI2 solutions used as reactants. The variation of band gaps yielded a bowing parameter of 0.724 eV. Rajebnhonsale and Pawar51 fabricated solid-solution alloy lms of Cd1 xZnxS by CBD and reported a decrease of lm thickness with an increase in zinc composition. Cheng et al.52 prepared CBD ZnS thin lms with an optical band gap of 3.53 eV using aqueous solutions of zinc acetate, thiourea, and trisodium citrate (where trisodium citrate was used as the complexing agent). Yamaguchi et al.53 prepared CBD ZnS thin lms from zinc acetate thioacetamide (TAA) aqueous solutions. Film growths proceed by the accumulation of ZnS nanocrystallites (4 nm) formed in the solution, according to a cluster-bycluster mechanism. Aguilar et al.54 prepared CBD ZnS and CuS to develop architectural glazing capable of withstanding hot tropical climates and windstorms. Lipowsky
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These approximate equations in turn can be reconverted into a minimum problem, for example,
CEO. In developing Shell s portfolio model, Daniel Zweidler constantly needed to balance the transparency of the results and ease of collecting data against the rigor of the probabilistic models.
FIGURE 26.13 Connecting disjoint bodies
15: PHP Introduction
Related to these non-standardized representation issues is the issue of text normalization . As many linguistic algorithms take standard (enhanced) ASCII as input, this input has to be generated out of the various formats, possibly using a variety of (proprietary) components and plug-ins. Normalization is necessary to generate the pre-speci ed format required by the particular parser being used. Normalization needs to take account of all the different ways of representing, for example, headlines, sections, line breaks, but also paragraphs, chapters, etc. It also needs to take account of the various ways and characters used to achieve hyphenation, for example, for word hyphenation or for the identi cation of compounds, etc. Finally, normalization is required to overcome the differences in standards used in the document format, for example, the identi cation of a bulleted list in HTML vs. PDF.
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