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6.4.4 Visualization and Navigation
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Applications containing only managed types written using the .NET Framework are said to be managed code. Managed code differs from unmanaged code in that the runtime environment for managed code is abstracted from the hardware and operating system into the common language runtime (CLR) environment. It is permissible for a programmer to circumvent this safe mode of execution, especially considering the large body of existing legacy code that will be impractical to rewrite immediately, if at all, into .NET-managed code. For example, unmanaged COM components can be referenced using system supplied primary interop assemblies (PIAs) when available, or other non-COM library functions can be executed using the Platform Invoke mechanism.
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If you are a single user who does not share files over a network with other users, then installing SolidWorks and Toolbox with the default settings should work for you. This appears to be the arrangement that the developers had in mind when they programmed the tool, because it is the only scenario in which it works as expected.
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If you are logged in as an Administrator or at least belong to the Administrator group, you can create a new partition using the command line (see Figure 14.18).
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<Serializable()> _ <Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlUserDefinedType(Format.Native, IsByteOrdered:=True)> _ Public Structure IPType1 Implements INullable
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This setting affects just what it says: the visual quality of the various trees rendered throughout the game world. More detailed trees require more powerful graphics cards. Figure 23.12 shows a tree with the Tree Quality setting set to low. Meanwhile, Figure 23.13 shows the same tree with the quality set to high. Notice that the tree looks a bit more realistic in the second figure; the leaves, especially, are more lifelike. It s easier to see when the game is in motion than it is to see in black and white screen shots.
Practice Picture: ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/1600 second. On Your Own: Use Aperture Priority mode to control the depth of eld when the background needs to be softened. When kids are playing, consider using Shutter Priority mode so you can freeze the action.
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