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Windows Media Player 12 is missing only one major compatibility piece that we can think of: it can t play Blu-Ray disc-based movies out of the box. But this isn t actually a huge issue: if your PC came with a Blu-Ray drive, you will have been provided with a third party Blu-Ray player as well, or perhaps an add-on that provides this ability to Windows Media Player. You will get similar software if you purchase a Blu-Ray drive separately.
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Part VI: Windows 7 Online
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FIGURE 13.19 Setting up a Hinge mate
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Figure A.25
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The DCPROMO Utility
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Can I change the background for my custom slide layout
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When you import data through DXF or DWG format files, the layers that exist in the original data are brought forward into SolidWorks, and you can use them in a similar way to the original AutoCAD usage. For example, you can turn layers on or off (visible or hidden), and you can change layer names, descriptions, color, line thickness, and line style. The way you intend to use the imported data determines how you should open the file. If you only intend to view and print the drawing, then I would suggest using DWG Editor, which is installed with SolidWorks and enables you to do almost anything you can do with basic AutoCAD. It also has the advantage of having a familiar interface for the AutoCAD user (it even has a black background!). DWG Editor is available from the Start menu, by selecting Programs SolidWorks DWG Editor. If you need to integrate data from the imported document into a native SolidWorks drawing, then you can open the DWG file from the normal Open dialog box in SolidWorks.
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The Parisian Meter Stick
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File, Print, and Storage Services
To shell the part this way with feature order, you create one block and shell it, and then create the other block and shell that. In order for this technique to work, the second shell needs to be as big as, or bigger than, the first shell. If it is smaller, then it will (or may) hollow out areas that are not intended to be hollow. To shell the part with multi-bodies, you can use two methods. One method is to build the first block, and then build the second block, but to turn off the Merge option. This creates bodies that are side by side. You then shell one block on the bottom and the other on the top. To avoid a double-thickness wall between them, the end face can be removed along with either the top or bottom face. If you edit the part, then you may notice that one of the Shell features has two faces removed. The second method is to build a single block, then split it using a sketch line, a plane, or a surface, and then proceed in the same way as the first method.
Fig. 12.34
Adding an OpenID account. Signing up for a Gravatar account. Adding social network integration to sites such as:
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I like to start animations with some stillness. If you start an animation with motion, your viewer may not have the time to get settled. A second is usually enough time. Expand the 33 Top part, click the key point for the Move row at the zero time mark, and Ctrl+drag it to the 1-second mark. This means that the top will not move between zero and 1 second. Now move the time bar to 2 seconds and open the top by just dragging it up slightly. It should only open about half an inch. Now move the time bar to the 5-second mark. I want to create a mistake so you see one way to correct mistakes. At the 5-second mark, move the stethoscope out of the holder three or four inches. Try to make sure you do not go far enough that the rubber tube runs into the plastic parts. Notice that this creates a change bar that shows the position of the scope head part moving continually from time 00.00.00 to time 00.00.05. The motion is supposed to start at the 3-second mark. I ve shown you how to fix this in Figure 33.16.
In addition to the features discussed in this chapter, Windows 7 includes two major technologies that help protect different types of user accounts from outside threats. Dubbed User Account Control and Parental Controls, these technologies are discussed in 8.
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