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I m sure you ll recognize some, if not all, of the features in the Firefox browsing window. The following sections walk through the individual features you ll find in the Firefox browser.
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Figure 11.9 The site
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Counter User connections Transactions per second
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If the program you are looking for is not included in the list provided by the first option and you are not running it from a CD, choose the last option (I Want to Locate the Program Manually) to search for the program on your computer.
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Part II File, Print, and Storage Services
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Customizing your workspace Leveraging the elements of content creation Hacking your experience: Getting the most out of writing
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FIGURE 11.37 Probability of capture using calculation and Monte Carlo simulation. L = 16 bits, SNR = 20 dB, the modulation is BPSK, and the distribution is bell-shaped.
Another common error you ll encounter occurs if you supply an invalid parameter to a command:
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In this equation, VsL - VGS - VTo+ 4 represents the long-channel surface potential, and VTo = VFB + d's + qNaVAXeptox/Eox represents the long-channel threshold voltage. Vbi is the built-in potential between the source-substrate and drain-substrate junctions, and 1 is the characteristic length (see Section 3.4.2) defined as 1= V/stoxXdep/8ox1 and can be found from experiment for a given technology. In the subthreshold region, the shift of the surface potential minimum, compared to the long-channel case and to the low drain-substrate bias cases, can be equated to the shift of the threshold voltage. The surface potential minimum occurs at y = yo, where dVs(y)/dyIy=y, = 0. For L >> 1, Eq. 3.77 can be approximated as
Working with Surfaces
Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Workstation \ CD-ROM (Vol. F:) \Library (Other local folders and files) Volume D: \Users \Samples \WINNT Logical Volume C: Volume E:
Figure 4-56: Windows 7 includes a nice-looking calendar and clock display.
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