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Games Explorer
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Support, Stability, and Security
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Now that you ve created your administrative panel and have stored your copyright text in the database, you can use it within WordPress. The most obvious place for this is in the footer of your theme. Fortunately, most themes come with a wp_footer action that you can use to display the copyright text. But first, you need to write a function that will display the copyright text. This might look like Listing 5.8.
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To create a template, open the appropriate document type (part or assembly), and make the settings that you want the template to have. For example, units are one of the most common reasons to make a separate template. In fact, any of the Document Property settings is a good reason for creating a template, from the dimensioning standard that is used to image quality settings.
FASB and the Strong Form of the Flaw of Averages
The OpenRowSet() function is the pass-through counterpart to the OpenDataSet() function. Both require the remote data source to be fully specified in the distributed query. OpenRowSet() adds a parameter to specify the pass-through query:
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The mystery of the odd perfect numbers
Note In the Data Connection Wizard, there is a reference to Owner, rather than the SQL Server 2005 notion of schema. This is because InfoPath 2003 was released when SQL Server 2000 was the most current version. InfoPath has no specific knowledge of SQL Server 2005 schemas.
Twisting a strap during an animation
1. Open a new part using a special sheet metal template if one is available. 2. On the Top plane, draw a rectangle centered on the Origin, 14 inches in X by 12 inches in Y (or Z). 3. Initiate the Base Flange tool, set the thickness to .029 inches, and change the K-Factor to .43. Notice that the default inside bend radius is not shown. This setting is made in the Sheet Metal feature that is placed before the Base Flange feature in the FeatureManager. 4. After the Base Flange has been created, edit the Sheet Metal feature, and change the default bend radius to .050 inches. 5. Click one of the 14-inch edges and then select the Line tool from the Sketch toolbar. This is a shortcut to creating a plane perpendicular to the end of the edge and opening a new sketch on the plane. This is useful in other situations in addition to working with sheet metal. Draw a sketch similar to that shown in Figure 29.46. The arc overrides the default inside bend radius setting, and directly controls that particular bend.
The animation is essentially done at this point, except that now the stethoscope needs to go back into the holder and it has to close. You don t have to manually create all the steps to close the device, although you could if you wanted to. It is more efficient to simply copy and reverse the paths that you have already made.
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