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For millennia, people could determine the real-time price of commodities, such as gold or ostrich feathers, by going down to the market and buying a piece of gold or an ostrich feather. And for millennia, people knew that future prices were uncertain. Historically, people could see that the price of gold was more stable than the price of ostrich feathers. However, there was no real-time measure of market uncertainty until options. Let s return to the case of ACME Pharmaceuticals and the CNN satellite truck. A trader in Singapore, on the opposite side of the world, is monitoring the prices of options on petroleum, airlines, and licorice on his computer screen (Figure 25.8). At 8:45 p.m. he says to himself, Yikes, I wonder what put the jitters in the licorice market The jump in uncertainty in future licorice prices is revealed nearly instantaneously on the other side of the world through its option price. This is known as implied volatility. A profound result of option theory is that you can read the current price uncertainty of an asset straight off the price of its options. The trader mulls over the past week s new stories and shouts Eureka! The mystery ingredient in ACME s new drug must be licorice.
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Although the client need not be concerned about the actual media, you (the backup administrator) have the power to dictate onto which format or media type your backups should be placed, by con guring media pools.
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they would have noticed that low scores also occur more often in small districts, and the billions of dollars would have been wasted on consolidating smaller districts into larger ones instead of the other way around. Wainer refers to the basic law of diversi cation as the Most Dangerous Equation because being oblivious of it has led to a series of misguided, costly, inept, foolhardy, and counterproductive decisions spanning nearly 1,000 years. I refer you to Wainer s book for the fascinating details. To summarize, the aw of extremes results from focusing on abnormal outcomes such as 90th percentiles, worse than average cancer rates, or above average test scores. Combining or comparing such extreme outcomes can yield misleading results.
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simple way to boost performance on low-RAM PCs.
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There is no blueprint to guarantee a successful virtual community. In our experience, there are a number of relevant factors, some of which are interrelated. We discuss these factors brie y below. Reward Collaborative Behaviours This can be done in a number of ways. Collaboration in appropriate communities can be written into job descriptions and/or personal objectives and thus become part of an organization s appraisal processes. Less formal approaches could include the award of monthly prizes for the most effective contributions to a community, perhaps selected by a senior manager.
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Figure 19.5 HEMTs and HBTs.
(a) Multiple runners in parallel!
You may have been wondering, with all this super cial discussion of DCs and GCs, how a user locates the correct DC to log on, and how the user locates a GC to search. After all, you might imagine that you at least need an IP address or some means of locating the domain, because NetBEUI or other NetBIOS services are no longer a requirement on a Windows Server 2008 network. The answer is simple, but the architecture is a little arcane and thus may be dif cult to understand initially. On a very small network, you might be forgiven if you opt out, for now, of trying to understand the locator services; but on a reasonably large network that extends beyond more than a handful of of ces and network segments, understanding this is very important. Network clients deploy a special set of algorithms called a locator service that locates DCs and GCs. The latest version of the Windows locator service serves both Windows Server 2008 clients and legacy Windows clients. Thus, both clients are able to use DNS and NetBIOS APIs to locate the DC and GC servers. How do they do this
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