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Figure 13.4-4. UTRAN frames.
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The full recovery model offers the most robust recovery plan. Under this model all transactions, including bulk-logged operations, are fully logged in the transaction log. Even system functions such as index creation are fully logged. The primary benefit of this model is that every committed transaction in the database can be restored right up to the point when failure occurred.
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Building the Network
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Part VI
Part I
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where J is the emitted current density, A is the Richardson constant, 4 B is the oxide barrier height, E is the self-induced electric field, and the other symbols have their 62 usual meanings. Because of the high SiO 2 potential barrier, charge loss via thermionic emission is expected to be very low, an expectation borne out by experiment.6 3 Similarly, calculation of the FN tunnel current for a properly designed memory cell in retention mode shows it to be insignificantly small. Enhanced leakage has been observed through defects in the oxides surrounding the gates; this leakage exhibits apparent activation energies in the range of 0.6-0.8 eV.64 Mobile positive ions can be either members of the alkali metals group or hydrogen. Data loss from mobile alkali ions has an apparent activation energy in the range 1.2-1.4 eV.64 In clean processes typical of commercial IC manufacturing, alkali ions are excluded from the wafer processing environment and are able to reach the memory cells only by diffusion from the edge of the die if the seal ring around the die is inadequate or through cracks in the overlying passivation coating. Ions from either source tend to appear as electron loss in a local area that grows with time at elevated temperatures. It has as been shown that hydrogen incorporated into deposited dielectric layer may become mobile and create apparent electron loss from floating gates. 65 This effect has an apparent activation energy of - 1.0 eV.
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