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The Contents button can be used to check the disk device for specific backups. If several backup instances are in the backup device, the Contents dialog box can be used to select the correct backup. It then fills in the file number in the restore form.
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#header, #pathway, #pagetitlespacer, #rightColumn, #footer, #topBorder, #bottomBorder, #mainMenu, #mainMenu a, #submenu, #submenu a{ display:none; /* Hide for printing */ }
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Notes highlight useful information that you should take into consideration, or an important point that requires special attention.
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(16 x 3 = 54)
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with other models, such as the social practice of the agents that use ontologies to facilitate their communicational needs. Little work has been done in this latter area. 3 We no longer talk about a single ontology, but rather about a network of ontologies. Links must be de ned between these ontologies and this network must allow overlapping ontologies with con icting and even contradictory conceptualizations. From the very beginning, heterogeneity has been an essential requirement for this ontology network. Tools for dealing with con icting de nitions and strong support in interweaving local theories are essential in order to make this technology workable and scalable. 4 Gnutella, a P2P network, is a case in point (Oram, 2001). Agents were able to enter and leave the network dynamically. They could also communicate with a local environment of other agents. This network was dynamically set up and collapsed according to the joined needs of a group of agents. Current work on ontologies that focuses either on local domain theories or on principles, structures and content of the right upper-layer (general purpose) ontology are far from supporting such a vision. What is needed is a focus on:
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Although it s not documented, you can also open a new tab by double-clicking the blank area to the right of the New Tab button.
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Figure 3.3 The first vacuum tube. This is one of the first vacuum tubes ever built. Lee de Forest engaged a NYC automobile lamp maker, H. W. McCandless, to construct a special lamp for him that had some extra parts in it connected to wires brought out through the top of the glass. The large, square plate element was shielded from the filament by a wire mesh grid. Voltage applied to the grid could dramatically control the flow of current from the filament to the plate and thus electronic amplification was born! This tube was built in 1906 and is in the Harry Houck museum, which is a repository for early radio treasures like this.
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