Examples o f Discrete Transforms in .NET

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The Slide Show button appears in any folder that contains pictures. This includes the Pictures library, of course, as well as any subfolders that are displayed within this library.
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4: Page Element Makeovers
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The GetSetting function returns a key setting from an application entry in the registry. The GetSetting function has four arguments: AppName: A required string expression containing the name of the application whose setting is requested. Section: A required string expression containing the name of the section in which the key setting will be found. Key: A required string expression containing the name of the key setting to return. Default: Optional value to return if no value is set in the key setting. If omitted, the value returned is a zero-length string. ' Returns "C:\HappyFace.ico" based on the ' previous SaveSetting example. GetSetting("HelloWorld", "Icon", "Main")
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The Upgrade Advisor tests three areas: the PC s hardware, to determine whether it meets the minimum Windows 7 requirements; the various hardware devices attached to the system, to ensure that they all have compatible drivers; and the software applications. When the test is complete, you will see a display like the one shown in Figure 3-3. Almost invariably, the Upgrade Advisor will tell you that your system has received mostly passing grades.
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Jong-Hyun Ahn, School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea Jeremy T. Anderson, Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR Alfred J. Baca, University of Illinois, Department of Chemistry, Materials Research Laboratory, Urbana, IL Kulbinder K. Banger, University of Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory, Optoelectronics, Department of Physics, Cambridge, UK Raghu N. Bhattacharya, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO Paul W. Brazis, Corporate Research, Underwriters Laboratories, Northbrook, IL Babu R. Chalamala, Research Triangle Park, NC John E. Dickman, Ypsilanti, MI Dina Fattakhova-Rohl ng, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit t M nchen, Department of Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Munich, Germany Masahiro Furusawa, SEIKO EPSON Corporation, Frontier Device Research Center, Nagano-ken, Japan Daniel Gamota, Motorola Physical Realization Research Center, Schaumburg, IL David Ginley, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO Jerry D. Harris, Northwest Nazarene University, Department of Chemistry, Nampa, ID Aloysius F. Hepp, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH Yu Huang, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, CA Michael H.-C. Jin, University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Arlington, TX
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Figure 10.A.1 Impedance coordination of the Smith chart with constant resistance or reactance curves.
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Performance Tool Clear all Windows Experience Index scores and re-rate the system What It Does Re-assesses system performance and generates a new Windows Experience Index (WEI) score. You would typically run this after installing newer, faster hardware components (for example, a video card). Provides insight into any performance-related warnings or errors. Unfortunately, clicking this link does not open the Event Viewer with Performance Information upfront. You need to navigate to Applications and Services Logs Microsoft Windows DiagnosticsPerformance, and then click Operational. Enables you to view and gather performance data, either in real time or from a log file, and generate reports.
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13.2 RF POWER METER MEASUREMENT UNCERTAINTIES RF power meter measurement uncertainties include the following: Mismatch uncertainties Calibration factor Magni cation and offset Mismatch Uncertainties The mismatch uncertainties of RF power meters are those common to all RF measurement equipment, and they were discussed in the previous section. As discussed in 6, because power meters have relatively simple sensors, whose re ection coef cient can usually be maintained below 0.1, with reasonable source mismatches, the mismatch uncertainty can be held below +0.15 dB. For example, the power
the_tags() accepts:
Select name, size, maxsize from sysfiles;
The HINFO record is optional and, because of security concerns, isn t used very often any more.
Namespaces allow classes to be categorized in a consistent, hierarchical manner. The .NET Framework is comprised of hundreds of namespaces that all derive from the base class System. A namespace is essentially a phone book for functionality in the framework and is comprised of types that you use in your applications. The types can be classes, enumerations, structures, delegates, or interfaces. The convention for naming namespaces is as follows: The first part of the namespace, up to the right-most dot, is the name of the namespace. The last part of the namespace name is the typename. If you need to perform data access, you would look to the System.Data namespace. To access SQL Server-specific functionality, you would reference the System.Data.SQLClient namespace. To use a namespace in your application, you use the Imports statement at the very top of your class file. Each Imports statement defines the namespaces for that specific file; if you need to use System.Data in more that on class file, you must specify it in each class file.
bidirectional communication. Although we are configuring for dial-in only, the best way to test initial connectivity is with tip, and the -b flag is required for this testing. For a 38,400-baud connection, the pmadm line would look like this:
<N > = 5932.4 Resolution = 78 meV = 1.68 = 0.969 meV F = 0.195
Part I
True, USB 2.0 and FireWire are faster than SCSI. But as I write this, USB 2.0 hasn t really arrived, and FireWire devices are both scarcer and (usually) more expensive than SCSI devices. If you want speed and you want it right now, you should give SCSI a hard look, especially if you can t find FireWire devices that meet your needs at a comparable cost. One of the reasons SCSI has been able to keep pace with other buses is that it uses a parallel data path instead of a serial path. That is, instead of a single-lane highway, SCSI uses an eight-lane highway (or wider). That s a big advantage when you re looking at moving lots of data. (It s also the main reason SCSI cables are so bulky and expensive.) So how fast is SCSI It all depends on which flavor of SCSI you re talking about. Just as with IDE and EIDE interfaces for hard drives, the SCSI bus has evolved over time, getting faster with each successive version. The unfortunate thing about SCSI (and one reason more
The Standard toolbar has many of the basic tools that are familiar to most Windows users. It is used for basic functions such as creating and saving documents, changing colors, and undoing and redoing actions. Although there may be some commands that new users are not familiar with, this section serves as a reference for all user levels; the more advanced commands are covered in their respective sections. The commands are shown in the order in which they appear on the Tools Customize Commands list for the Standard toolbar.
ASP.NET is a unified Web development platform that provides advanced services for building Web applications and Web Services. It provides a new programming model and infrastructure that allows you to create powerful Web applications with unprecedented speed, flexibility, and ease. ASP.NET is fully supported by the .NET Framework, allowing you to take full advantage of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), type safety, inheritance, and all of the other features of that platform. ASP.NET offers two programming models: Web Forms and Web Services. Developers can use Web Forms to create the more traditional type of Web application where users interact with individual pages and input forms. Web Services, of course, is the focus of this part of the book. Both of these programming models offer two techniques for coding Web pages and Web Services. Using embedded implementation code, the logic for a Web page or Web Service is embedded in the page itself (much like that of the traditional ASP programming environment). Contrast this technique with the code-behind file approach. Using code-behind, the logic for a Web page or Web Service is stored in a separate file from the user interface of a Web page or the entry point declaration of a Web Service. By default, Visual Studio creates ASP.NET Web Forms and Web Services by using the code-behind technique. This creates a clear distinction between the definition of the user interface (or Web Service) and the code that implements its behavior. The next few sections survey some of the features of the ASP.NET platform that are available to ASP.NET Web Services.
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