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7 In fact, most competition an external consultant faces is not from other external resources, but from internal resources.
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Transform ( D W T )
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product risk. In cases of highest risk, IV&V is performed by a team that is totally independent from the developing organization. Integrated Definition for Functional Modeling (IDEF0) A multiple page (view) model of a system that depicts functions and information or product f low. Boxes illustrate functions and arrows illustrate information and product f low. Alphanumeric coding is used to denote the view: IDEF0 system functional model; IDEF1 informational model; IDEFX semantic data model; IDEF2 dynamic model; IDEF3 process and object state transition model. linear development A method for developing a system solution that is well understood and accomplished in a single pass as opposed to that requiring experimentation and multiple versions to achieve a satisfactory solution. The alternative method is evolutionary development. logic diagram A diagram depicting the sequential and parallel interrelationships (functions or data) between entities or activities. Often used to show system functionality, software functionality, hardware system interactions, and project management serial and parallel sequences and interactions. Behavior diagrams, functional f low diagrams, data f low diagrams, and project schedule networks are examples. lowest configuration item (LCI) The lowest architecture entity from the perspective of the responsible developer. For instance, the car battery would be an LCI for the car designer. The battery case would be an LCI for the battery developer. mock-up A physical or virtual demonstration model, built to scale, to verify proposed design fit, critical clearances, and operator interfaces. In software, screen displays are modeled to verify content and layout. model A representation of the real thing used to depict a process, investigate risk, or to evaluate an attribute, such as a technical feasibility model (risk) or a physical fit model (attribute). Models may be physical or computer based, for example, thermal model, kinetic model, finite element model. model advanced development model A term for a research model that is built to prove a concept.
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23: Your Life in Sync Windows 7 and Live Services
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At first blush, it looks like Unix systems can be remotely managed, and Windows systems cannot. Tools such as rdist and NIS/NIS+ provide us with options to determine how we want to reduce the task of managing hundreds, maybe even thousands, of systems to issuing changes that should be applied to groups of systems. We also have scripting languages and cron facilities for automating routine work. The ideal administration console allows you to perform all administrative tasks from one location and most administrative tasks with little or no duplication of effort. We d like to say for all users . . . or for each client . . . and have our tools be adequately sensitive to the underlying differences between user environments and hardware/software platforms to do the right thing. After spending some time exploring the options for remote management of Windows 2000 systems, we were encouraged. For one thing, we discovered that Windows 2000 is not as badly constructed as we had imagined. In fact, Windows 2000 has many remote access primitives that can be used effectively if you re willing to code in C or C++ and use system calls. For those of us less inclined toward systems programming, there are still options well worth considering. Because automation is the crux of systems administration, we consider it next to essential that you equip your Windows 2000 systems with Perl. By doing so, you will have a modern, powerful scripting language on both your Unix and Windows 2000 systems (we assume you have and use Perl on your Solaris boxes). With Windows 2000, Perl, and an enabled Telnet daemon, your Windows 2000 boxes will be ready to be managed. You will be able to manage accounts and services, distribute software, make changes to the registry, and reboot your Windows 2000 systems from afar. You will also be able to start and stop services and determine what services are running.
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SEI SEI-authorized appraisers have evaluated thousands of organizations (2/3 commercial) and tens of thousands of projects with productivity gains of 20% to 28% when advancing from Level 1 to Level 3. SEI authorizes Lead Appraisers to rate organizations as to maturity and capability using a five-level model. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI ) Product Suite addresses hw/sw and systems engineering disciplines
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These are the types of wireframes that I ve used over the years, ranging from lowest to highest fidelity. You may have also heard of other types; this list isn t exhaustive. Instead, I m presenting a range of options to cover the difference between waving your hands enthusiastically and building the entire site. The goal is to pick the style that allows your client to get it.
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