Part II: Working with Plugins in .NET

Drawer UPCA in .NET Part II: Working with Plugins

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near the Si-SiO2 interface (shown in Fig. 6.3). They have some of the attributes of both interface states and oxide traps in :hat they can charge either from the Fermi level through tunneling from the Fermi level or by injection of a charge into the oxide. These states do not charge as rapidly as interface states, nor do they hold their charge indefinitely, as do oxide traps. Rather, the time constants for filling and emptying range from microseconds to millions of seconds. Discharging occurs through quantum-mechanical tunneling into and out of the oxide. Thus, their time constants depend exponentially on the distance of these states from the siliconsilicon dioxide interface. It might be assumed, then, that the ider tification of the different types of damage would be a fairly simple task. However, the situation in short-channel transistors is more complicated than the simple picture presented above. This is because the problem is no longer one-dimensional and the position of the damage at the oxide/ silicon interface between the source and drain is localized at the drain edge (where the high-field region is; see Fig. 6.1). The two-dimensional nature of the damage can cause the sub-threshold region to be completely unchanged after stress, but the postthreshold Id-Vg characteristics can suffer significant degradation.6- 8 This does not fit into the "classic" picture regardi: g damage creation that we have discussed above. The reason for this is the localization of the damage at the drain edge of the transistor. It has been shown that the type of degradation associated with interface states can even be obtained by oxide 1irapped charge if the damage is localized enough. 6 Two further illustrations of the difficulties associated with damage 7 identification are stresses at high drain currents (going toward and into snapback), and the effect of gate-edge upturn at the source and drain edges of the poly gate (due to the poly reoxidation step). 8 Both these cases can cause the I-V characteristics to change from the classic subthreshold gradients change associated with interface states, to a change in the poststress Id-V9 characteristics only, even though the
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Conductor Shields
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Sketch text uses TrueType fonts to create text inside a SolidWorks sketch. This means that any TrueType font that you have can be converted to text in solid geometry; this includes Wingdings and symbol fonts. Keep in mind that some characters in certain fonts do not convert cleanly into SolidWorks sketches. Sketch text still has to follow the rules for sketching and creating features such as closed contours, as well as not mixing open and closed contours. You can make sketch text follow a sketch curve; to space it evenly along the curve, you can control character width and spacing, as well as overall size by specifying points or actual dimensions. Sketch text can also be justified right, left, centered and evenly, as well as reversed, rotated, and flipped upside down. Figure 6.12 shows the Sketch Text PropertyManager and some of the possible uses of sketch text. The icons in the Sketch Text PropertyManager are fairly self-explanatory, other than the Rotated Text option, which rotates individual letters, and not the whole string of text. You can use the Sketch Text tool multiple times in a single sketch to make pieces of text with different properties. Each string of text has a placement point located at the lower left of the text. This point can be given sketch relations or dimensions to locate the text. If the text overlaps in places, as shown in Figure 6.12, you can correct this in a couple of ways. First, you can extrude it with the Merge option turned off so that each letter is created as a separate solid body. You can also explode sketch text so that it becomes simply lines and arcs in a sketch, which you can edit the same as any other sketch. You could also adjust the Width Factor and Spacing settings.
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3. Peter F. Drucker, People and Performance: The Best of Peter Drucker on Management (New York: Harper & Row, 1977). 4. Deborah S. Kezsbom, Donald Schilling, and Katherine A. Edward, Dynamic Project Management (New York: Wiley, 1988). 5. Dennis Kinlaw, Superior Teams (Hampshire, England: Gower Publishing Ltd., 1998), pp. 201 233. CHAPTER 7 1. NASA GPG 7120.5 System Engineering (Greenbelt, MD: Systems Management Office, NASA GSFC, June 2004); NASA NPG 7120.5C Program and Project Management Processes and Requirements (Washington, DC: AE/Office of Chief Engineer, NASA HQ, March 2005). 2. DoDI 5000.2 Acquisition Management (DoD 2004). 3. ISO 15288, Systems Engineering: System Life Cycle Processes (ISO/IEC 2002). 4. Michael Cusumano and Richard Selby, Microsoft Secrets (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995), pp. 192 207. 5. Frank Addeman, Managing the Magic, PM Network, The Professional Magazine of the PMI (July 1999), pp. 31 36. 6. Helena Russell, Partnership Pays: Project Management the resund Way (Kent, UK: Route One Publishing, Ltd., 2000). 7. Jonathan S. Landay, staff writer, Knight Rider Newspapers, Sacramento Bee (December 16, 2004), p. 1. 8. David McCullough, The Path Between the Seas (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1977), pp. 117 118. 9. David McCullough, The Path Between the Seas (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1977), p. 235. 10. Web site for resundsbro Konsortiet, www 11. Eberhardt Rechtin and Mark W. Maier, The Art of Systems Architecting (New York: CRC Press LLC, 1997). 12. R. Stevens, P. Brook, K. Jackson, and S. Arnold, Systems Engineering: Coping with Complexity (Hertfordshire, England: Prentice Hall Europe, 1998). 13. Winston W. Royce, Managing the Development of Large Software Systems, Proceedings, IEEE WESCON (August 1970), pp. 1 9.
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Managing Web feeds
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The most intense effort of Custom JumpStart installation involves creating the profiles and providing them, along with the installation media, disk images, or Flash archives, to the clients during the boot process. Most sites will set up servers to fill the roles of boot server, install server, and profile server on a more or less permanent basis, updating these systems as needed. To prepare for later steps in your JumpStart configuration, you must do the following:
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Oscillation thickness
Working with Specialized Functionality
Figure 11-52: Success! You can now share your media
The most important thing to note about locally accessed synchronized folders, of course, is that you can drag and drop content into them; and because they re automatically synchronized, any files and folders you copy into these folders on your PC are synced back to the Web-based Live Desktop and to any other devices with which you ve configured synchronization. Because folder sync occurs on a per-folder basis, you need to manually configure each Live Folder to sync to each device. This can be done via the Live Desktop or individually on each PC. Live Mesh folder synchronization has proven to be fast and reliable so much so, in fact, that we used this mechanism to synchronize the contents of this book between our various PCs, over the Internet. As we worked on the chapters locally, via various desktop PCs and notebook computers, the book files (typically, Word documents and image files) were synchronized automatically, both up to the Internet cloud (the Live Desktop) and to whatever other PCs we both added to our respective Live Mesh. Live Mesh folder sync is an instant backup solution combined with instant access to the very latest versions of files no matter which PC we re using. We relied very much on Live Mesh during the creation of this book, and it never let us down.
With any hardware conflicts, it always pays to make a visit to the manufacturer s Web site for the latest device drivers and to check the FAQs and support forums. There may be suggestions for different hardware settings that will avoid conflicts.
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