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Word processors are a crucial element for any home or office workstation. From writing letters to creating marketing brochures, word-processing software allows you to customize your documents with far more control than a plain text editor could ever provide. OpenOffice.org Writer has all the best features you expect in a word processor.
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Creating in-context relations is not the only reason to edit a part or subassembly in the context of the top-level assembly. Sometimes it is simply more convenient to do normal editing when you are in the top-level assembly, so that you can see how the part relates to other parts after making changes in the assembly without making relations between the parts. Editing a subassembly in the context of the upper-level assembly is often useful as well, to see how changing subassembly mates affects the top level.
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There are times when you may have several pictures on one slide and you want to organize or compare them. You can make pictures look sharp by combining them with SmartArt Graphics. SmartArt Graphics enables you to combine pictures in many interesting groupings, and then apply text to the individual pictures or the entire group.
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Keep rules simple. Don t try to create complex sets of conditions and actions within a single rule; use single conditions and actions within a rule. This is much easier to troubleshoot or edit later. Use negative rules. You can create conditions that apply to messages that don t have specific words or people associated with them. This is simpler than creating rules with all possible words or people associated with them. Create rules from e-mail. You can quickly create a rule from a message by selecting the message and then clicking Message, Create Rule From Message. This opens the New Mail Rule dialog box with Windows Mail s best guess as to what conditions and actions should be applied. You can then edit the rule to fine-tune its behavior. Processing order matters. Rules are processed in the order listed. If mail isn t being processed the way you think it should, try changing the order of some of the rules.
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Sub=RichardL L = 210 mil. W = 198 mil. Sub=RichardL L = 200 mil. W = 21 mil. Sub=RichardL L = 300 mil. W = 21 mil. Sub=RichardL L = 300 mil. W = 21 mil. Sub=RichardL L = 400 mil. W = 21 mil.
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The PowerPoint Options dialog box appears.
7B: How many matches, moves or breaks
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Calendar is a generally full-featured calendaring solution. But it s missing some key functionality that s available in the Web-based Windows Live Calendar service. One of these missing features is tasks. While Calendar offers no way to manage tasks at all, Windows Live Calendar does, through its To-do list functionality. So if you want to manage tasks separately from events, you ll need to use Windows Live Calendar instead. Yes, Vista s Windows Calendar application did offer integrated tasks management.
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Capture: for controlling the settings for saving captured video:
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SSID stands for Secure Station Identifier. It is, more or less, your router s name. When your computer detects wireless networks, the first thing shown on the detection screen is the SSID of the network. Navigate to the screen that shows the SSID of your router as instructed by the router s manual, and change it. Changing the SSID forces any snoops to have to guess the name of your router. The screen on which you change the SSID might look something like that in Figure 12.17.
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