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Hiding the sled
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FIGURE 5.6 Here you can change advanced visual appearance properties.
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Part VII: Looking at the WordPress Ecosystem
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Understanding SEO
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Value scale in the view nder shows the exposure set by the photographer and what the camera s metering system believes to be the correct exposure. The
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rectangle be To solve this problem, it helps to use the concept of a shear. The idea is that, if the triangle is sheared sideways, then the area of the triangle will not change, and the area of a rectangle resting on the base of the triangle will not change, provided that it moves with the triangle. Figure 12.27 shows the result of a shear, and the second rectangle has the same area as the first, although its base has had to slide a short distance along the base of the triangle. Using this idea, we can replace our original triangle with this isosceles triangle, and then ask the same question. However, we can now go further in our quest for a simple problem by squashing the triangle vertically. (An equivalent argument would apply if we had started with a flatter triangle and stretched it vertically instead of squashing it.) Squashing the triangle will change its area, and it will also change the area of any inscribed rectangle on its base, but it will change them in the same proportion. Thus, if the original rectangle is the largest that can be inscribed in the triangle, then the squashed rectangle will have the same property in relation to the squashed triangle (and conversely). So, with this idea in mind, we squash the isosceles triangle until it has a right angle at the top and is in fact half of a square (Fig. 12.28). Finally we reflect the half square in its hypotenuse, and ask ourselves what shape of rectangle inscribed in this square so that it is reflected in a diagonal of the square will have maximum area The answer depends on the fact that, whatever rectangle is inscribed under those conditions, the sum of two adjacent sides will be constant. Fig. 12.28
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The Diffusion of Light
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Assembly design tables can do everything that part design tables can do, except for selecting configurations of base parts and split parts, which are not valid assembly functions. Assembly design tables can also do some things that a part design table cannot. These include:
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Change adapter settings: As noted previously, this option navigates to the Network
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t =Td 2 = vSo RL ( 1 L ) e j 2 [t +( 2 n 1)Td ] ( S L )n, 2 ZS + Z L n=0 t =Td 2 = vSo RL ( 1 L ) e j 2 [t Td + 2 nTd ] ( S L )n, 2 ZS + Z L n=0
where z = ratio of deviation from the average to the standard deviation, say, a dimensionless capacitance, which is relative to the average value of the capacitor and is normalized by the variance . z= C m , (17.A.7)
The goal of this phase was to re ne the semi-formal description of the ontology according to the captured requirements into a mature ontology, which is the output of this phase. We found that, especially during the re nement phase, different teams worked simultaneously on developing the ontologies. For example, several sessions were necessary in the skills management case study until the skill structures were accepted by all members. In this phase, relationships are typically added to re ne an ontology (a task that the brainstorming tool is not capable of). After reaching a consensus, the mind map created for skills (see previous section) was restructured in cooperation with the ontology engineers to facilitate the interoperability with OntoEdit; that is, as a simple assumption we took the elements of a mind map as concepts and branches as subConceptOf relationships between concepts (cf. Figure 7.3). In the current version of OntoEdit, members of an engineering team can collaborate even though they are geographically distributed and still modify the ontology at the same time. We have developed a client/server architecture (cf. Figure 7.4) in which the clients connect to an ontology server and can change or extend the ontology. 4 All clients are immediately informed of modi cations performed by the other ontologists. Engineers can store comments (e.g. explaining design decisions) in a documentation eld for
Slow Sync button on the back of the camera accesses the Slow-sync mode. The Slow-sync mode does not work when the camera is in Manual mode or in Shutter Speed Priority mode. When in the Slowsync mode, the shutter is opened long enough to allow ambient light to reach the sensor.
Backup and Restore can also be used to restore files you have previously backed up. There are three general file restore methods:
w H x ei.
tions in the business market. The cost/revenue equation depends on a number of factors, one of which certainly has to do with demographics, that is, the density of potential subscribers with the requisite applications requirements and the nancial means to subscribe to the services that will satisfy them. In other words, if there are enough potential customers with enough bandwidth-intensive needs and enough money to afford to satisfy them, PON is an attractive technology for deployment. Competition must be considered, of course, in countries where it is permitted and where either CATV operators or wireless service providers are active. The service provider, generally in the form of an ILEC, also must consider whether copper facilities are already in place. In this context, the deployment opportunity commonly is characterized in one of three ways green eld, brown eld, or overlay:
The cylindrical page cache provides a separate cache for file system data, removing the earlier competition between file system caching and virtual memory. Page scanning (i.e., the scan rate) is also reported by the sar -g command, a sample of which is shown here:
FIGURE 7.40 The Variable Radius Parameters panel of the Fillet PropertyManager
Part III Developing with SQL Server
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